Back in August, French electro-duo Daft Punk bailed critical minute top top a scheduled Colbert Report performance, citing a contractual obligation to MTV. Yet instead the scrambling prefer a headless chicken for a instead of act, Stephen Colbert jumped and danced for joy, literally. He and his writing team took the booking snafu as an opportunity to create an ecstatic music video collection to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” i m sorry featured a beaming Colbert dance with various celebs (Bryan Cranston, Jeff Bridges, Hugh Laurie and also others), crashing three various other shows (Late Night through Jimmy Fallon,America’s obtained Talent and also Charlie Rose), and shocking precisely one politics dignitary (Henry Kissinger).

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“The cosmos conspired for united state to have a show that seemed extremely planned, but it was in reality a series of extremely happy accidents,” Colbert says. Though the cancellation was a producer’s nightmare, he love the an obstacle of figuring out how to fill Daft Punk’s place: “You carry out 1,300 shows, and also anything various is favor a holiday.” spoke with Stephen Colbert (decidedly the end of character) around the logistical hurdle the filming guest in both York and Washington D.C., as well as how The huge Lebowski and also Michael Jackson served as inspiration. As for his think on Daft Punk’s VMA performance? Colbert still hasn’t seen it. “I never watch the VMAs. Ns think i was most likely helping my kids with your homthedesigningfairy.comork,” the comedian said. “I obtained nothing versus the Daft Punkers, and also they wrote me and said lock really preferred , and I hope they did. I’d love to have actually them on.”

The video clip itself come about starting three weeks before the show. We had currently booked Daft Punk to which the show, and we were pretty excited due to the fact that they don’t carry out TV and also they don’t talk. We assumed “Oh great, they’ll come on and talk right into a and this’ll it is in a actual coup.” and then lock said, “Well, they don’t wanna talk.” So ns said, “Oh I can get around them not talking. Us can figure out something.” and then the next week lock called and said, “Oh, and also they also don’t wanna carry out the song.” <Laughs>

I thought, “So wait, we’re paris them native Paris and also they’re not gonna sing and also they’re no gonna talk? What are we doin’?” and they said, “Do girlfriend want us to cancel?” “No, no, no, this is in reality a really exciting challenge.” What can we execute that’s interesting, wherein they don’t execute anything, and also yet it’s still a Daft Punk appearance? and also I looked up at my board, and also we don’t do a lot of actors or performers top top the show, however for every little thing reason, we had more than our regular raft the people. Favor that night I had actually Jeff Bridges, and also next mainly I had actually Matt Damon, and also the next week I had Hugh Laurie, and I thought, “Oh, we gained some civilization up here we can talk to.” and also so i said, “What if tonight I simply dance through Jeff Bridges?” due to the fact that I had the image instantly of Lebowski dance on the big steps in the dream succession from big Lebowski. Ns said, “Oh, what if we played your song, and also it’s me do the efforts to convince Daft Punk that their track is for this reason catchy? Like possibly they forgot just what a deep hook that track has?” That’s the very first thing us shot.

And then i said, “I’ll just dance out of the studio, and also I’ll end up dancing through other civilization all over, like, York and also Washington.” and also that night to be Jeff Bridges and also he goes, “Far out. Yeah, I’ll perform that, man. I prefer those guys.” therefore he danced with us top top the measures outside. Us shot it in like 5 minutes. And also uh, that’s why the lighting’s so bad on that one shot.

I said, “There are two things: world can either dance with me, or I deserve to dance with their reality.” like I deserve to dance through whatever they’re doing, and I’ll just dance in and dance out. And we also that <Breaking Bad‘s> Bryan Cranston was coming on, and also we love his step from Malcolm in the Middle where he roller skates, and I thought, “Oh, wonder if Bryan Cranston would certainly roller skate through me to Daft Punk?” and also at the very same time, Charlie Rose had said, “Yes, you can dance v my show.” and also we said, “By the way… Who’s your guest? ns wanna understand whom I’m interrupting.” and they said, “Well, it’s gonna it is in the cast of Breaking Bad.” and also I said, “Well, that’s perfect.” So ns danced on and also took Bryan Cranston with me, and that’s why the piece is in the order.

Stephen Colbert crashes Charlie Rose and also the actors of ‘Breaking Bad’ (Image Credit: Comedy Central)

‘Breaking Bad”s Bryan Cranston and also Stephen Colbert (Image Credit: Comedy Central)

I wanted some world who were appropriate — who were performers — and also I want some world who were fully inappropriate, prefer Henry Kissinger. And also I just wanted some places I might interrupt and sort that borrow standing from various other people’s worlds. That was simply so great… most likely the very first person who said “Yes” to be Jeff that night, and Fallon said, “Yes,” and also then the Rockettes, and then America’s obtained Talent, and also it just kind of piled up… and then Daft Punk couldn’t show and also we said, “Well, okay, we’ll readjust the an interpretation of the now. We’ll use the video.”

We were readily available Robin Thicke for the show, and also I said, “Oh, have him on, too, due to the fact that Daft Punk will end up not performing yet I still need a song of the summer,” and they said, “Oh, he’ll carry out the song of the summer.” It to be all an extremely serendipitous. It resolved to this nice, finely cut show, but it was in reality a collection of extremely happy mishaps and world who were willing to play — including Daft Punk. They were willing to play together with this entire game, it just turned the end to it is in a bump with the VMAs the turned the entirety thing into a train wreck. But a beautiful train wreck.

My 2 favorite moments room dancing v Bryan Cranston ~ above roller skates, and interrupting America’s got Talent. That was most likely the nicest minute of the entire thing. Right prior to I walk on stage, among my producers, Paul Dinello, turned to me and also said, “Put this hat on!” You’ll look incredibly stupid!” and also I said, “Yes, however only if i feel extremely sexy.” and also he goes, “YES!” So i walked out on stage and also tried to appear as sexy together I might in that hat and there’s no greater assurance that something will be ridiculous than me attempting to be sexy. Once you put the cap on and also you think, “I’m Michael Jackson native ‘Smooth Criminal.'” <Laughs> That’s who I was.

When I discussed to shoot v , he want to speak to me first, and also I believed he to be gonna cancel, and it turned the end he simply wanted to talk about how lot his grandkids prefer the show. Ns said, “Well, when I’ve acquired you here, permit me asking you about your trip to China in 1971,” and also he told me all these great stories about going come China. It was fascinating.

Once we started placing pieces together, around four or 5 days before the show, the we had actually a item here… and also I was also very confident that Daft Punk was gonna come. And so were they. And they actually concerned York. We them in. That wasn’t till 1 p.m. The job of that present that we for certain that they weren’t comes .

From my allude of, I’m thrilled how it rotate out. It was, you know, frustrating from a producer’s point of having to scrap every little thing at the critical minute. But from a creator’s point of, or a writer’s point of, and the comedian’s allude of, it’s only sustained the happiness of having actually to carry out something ideal away… As quickly as us what my character’s emotional state was, we specifically what the very first act would certainly be and also how to perform it. And it simply poured the end of united state in this type of fast fugue. By “quick,” I median like 2 hours. If girlfriend don’t recognize what you’re doing at 1 p.m. In the afternoon, and you’ve gained a present that you need to rehearse at 5 p.m., that’s quite tight. Typically speaking, we’ve started occupational on scripts at 9 a.m., and component of the present has been written the day before. Therefore it was a lot to do in a solitary day.

It often tends to it is in the much more ambitious girlfriend get, the more the avenues get offered to you. We do our show in a small bubble. Typically speaking, i don’t know how people react come the show, since I execute the show and also I walk home. However the more we communicate with the world, it’s interesting to find out that there are civilization out there who wanna play together with us. And also we have discovered that the has normally been the case. We try to do them have actually a good time, and also for it to it is in a fun endure for them and also different than doing one more show — just because you’re having to deal with a character, and also there’s normally some type of narrative, and also it’s nearly like act a scene together opposed to appearing on the show. And so it turned the end that there were a lot of human being who were excited to play that video game with us, and that was yes, really gratifying. Once we reach outside the show, we’re always so surprised and thrilled that world want come play.

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I love a challenge. I’m therefore proud the my staff was for this reason nimble to pull something together in such a short duration of time on top of law this ambitious video. Anyone in the building pulled together to do it happen.