Oversells have end up being quite a comical event in WWE through Superstars exaggerating the influence of access time to turoulend levels. Regardless of a many of heavy competition, naught stands out as lot as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson marketing the stone Cold Stunner. 

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The mindset Era had inarguably reached its peak as soon as The absent took “Stone Cold” Steve Austin head-on in one of the biggest rivalries in WWE history. 


The 2 most an effective and well-known names in the company made ratings skyrocket v their long and also famous feud that managed to last because that years. 

However, except the memorable fights, no one deserve to forget the Stunners that The absent sold. After ‘The Rattlesnake’ fight his finishing move, The rock was seen flopping around like a fish the end of water anywhere the ring. 


The ‘electrifying’ Stunner to be made to look choose the most incapacitating finisher in WWE, and also everyone appreciated the comedic oversells whenever they happened. 

Of course, the Stunner wasn’t that lot of one impact, and also The Rock had his very own intentions for offering them the way. Apparently, he supplied to have wagers with stone Cold over exactly how well and how much he sold the Stunners! 


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Although, it does obtain funnier. The two provided to bet with instances of beer as the currency! we can definitely assume that Johnson went residence with quite a few cases that beer on plenty of nights. 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson revealed why that oversold the Stunner

On particular Stunner sells, friend can also see stone Cold reaction to the gun oversells. The crowd love it, and also every market went much more and much more over the limit. 

Dwayne Johnson himself revealed the entire backstory top top Twitter, replying to a compilation of his oversells.

Good mr this was an amazing time in pro wrestling. Electrifying crowds!