Although there room some voting trends to clean up, that does show up as despite Donald Trump has actually lost his bid to offer a 2nd term as the president of the joined States.

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Joe Biden is the new president-elect and Trump’s power in the White House appears to be over.


Vince McMahon and also Trump have a long history

Still, trump card will always be a WWE room of Famer, and also that’s not an accolade you normally associate through the POTUS!

The height of Trump’s association through WWE came at WrestleMania 23 in the battle of the Billionaires through Vince McMahon.

Trump and also McMahon was stood for by Bobby Lashley and also Umaga respectively and also they fought it the end at WrestleMania to check out why billionaire would certainly be shaved bald.

While Trump has actually a combative reputation, Lashley claimed he simply wanted to aid WWE’s present the ideal he could.

“He actually came right into the position and was like, ‘look male I want to do this as good as possible, so tell me what I have the right to do’.

“He no tell me how to perform my match, he didn’t tell Vince exactly how to operation WWE, he simply came in and also said, ‘this is awesome, call me what I can do top top my part to do this the finest ever,’ and also he go his part.”


Trump to be victorious in his fight with McMahon and also they created a genuine WrestleMania moment

As component of Trump’s appearance, stone Cold Steve Austin, McMahon’s fiercest ever rival, was put as the distinct guest referee in the match.

Lashley and Trump would win, yet that would certainly still view Austin fight Trump v a stone Cold Stunner after ~ the match – yet it didn’t fairly go follow to plan.

Trump did not take the Stunner fine at all – as you’d imagine for a guy who has never had actually to – and the only one that rivals that as being as negative is one Vince McMahon took before!

Although trump card didn’t get it well, the did desire to execute it because that the great of the show. Austin has actually praised Trump’s willingness to do it since, even though his advisor told him no to.

“We’re in the back area. 90,000 people out there Ford Field and he walk ‘Steve come over here. I’m gonna watch if ns can acquire Trump take it a stunner’. Ns said, ‘Aw bull shit’. Ns said, ‘ girlfriend think he will?’ he goes, ‘I know Donald, he’ll carry out it.’

“So he claims ‘Donald, come end here’ and he goes, ‘Steve this is Donald Trump.’ ‘Hey, Mr. Trump. Exactly how are you doing?’ and also I met him. He goes ‘Listen i was thinking around after everything is every said and done. Steve would certainly hit you with his perfect move.’

‘Well what is it?’ ‘Well it’s called a stunner and it type of goes like this.


Stone Cold hitting the stunner on Trump

“And Donald Trump’s right hand guy every one of a suddenly goes, ‘Oh no no no no friend don’t need to do the there’s a million reasons why girlfriend shouldn’t do that. And also here’s why.’

“But Donald inquiry Vince ‘You think it’ll assist the show?’ the goes ‘Oh Donald they’ll walk crazy.’ so Donald Trump was was man sufficient to go the end there and, we botched it.

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Trump had boos transparent his induction

“It was the slickest stunner the I ever delivered yet I provide him credit. Whatever anyone’s opinion is that he did to be cool enough and also in a Showtime event like that event to go the end there and be a part of the show and also make civilization happy. I dug it,” Austin said.

Who knows, now Trump has some more totally free time he could want to turn up ~ above WWE TV and have an additional stab in ~ it!