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Lightweight drones can hover, glide, and even flip throughout flight; live version sends live video clip to paired, transmitter-mounted smartphones

Product Details

The commonwealth Aviation administration requires all owner of drones (Unmanned plane Systems) weighing an ext than 0.55 lbs. (250 g) and also less than 55 lbs. (25 kg) to it is registered their drones here. Additional state or neighborhood requirements might apply. Examine with your regional jurisdiction. Learn much more about drone regulation here.

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Striker Remote-Controlled Spy Drone with Optional Live-View Feature

Ready come fly best out the the box, these lightweight drones deftly patrol the skies many thanks to your quartet of rotors, i beg your pardon are maintained safe through protective brackets.

Bird’s-Eye Footage

As lock hover and soar over the ground, this drones usage their integrated cameras to catch stunning aerial photos and videos. The Live design can even stream live video clip to a synced smartphone, which deserve to be placed to the transmitter through an consisted of cradle.

Precision Flight

With 4 rotors and a built-in 4.5-channel gyro, the drone deserve to deftly swerve with the skies and even pull turn off midair stunts, such as flips or transatlantic flights.

Specifics 2.4GHz transmitter 4.5-channel built-in gyro No assembly compelled Removable rotor security Multi-dimensional flight capability durable light load body Speed control flip stunt settings 4 main rotors  The glow-in-the-dark option lights increase dark areas or evening skies with its luminous glow recommended for ages 14+ Transmitter operation on 4 AA battery (not included) Camera calls for microSD map to record (included) Product dimensions: 12”x12”x2.75” Weight: 0.5lb.–2lb.

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In the box: transmitter, 4 spare rotor blades, rotor guards, USB memory-card adapter, 2GB microSD card, and also USB charging cable; Live model has transmitter cradle because that smartphones

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