Lead single off the 2014 Bowie compilation album “Nopoint Has Changed”, and track 4 of Bowie’s 2016 album “Blackstar”. The lyrics are a modern reinforming of the 17th century… Read More 

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SueI got the jobWe'll buy the houseYou'll should restBut now we'll make itSueThe clinic calledThe x-ray's fineI brought you homeI simply shelp homeSue, you shelp you desire it writSue, the virgin on your stoneFor your graveWhy too dark to sheight the words?For, I understand that you have a sonOh, folly, SueRide the train, I'm far from homeIn a seachild of crime none need atoneI kissed your faceSue, I've pushed you down beneath the weedsEndless faith in hopeless deedsI kissed your faceI touched your face
Sue, goodbyeSue, I found your noteThat you wrote last nightIt can't be rightYou went through himSue, I never before dreamedI'm such a foolRight from the startYou went through that clown
Lead single off the 2014 Bowie compilation album “Nopoint Has Changed”, and track 4 of Bowie’s 2016 album “Blackstar”. The lyrics are a contemporary retelling of the 17th century John Ford play “‘Tis Pity She’s A Whore”, after which Sue’s B-side is called. Sue represents one of the plays lead characters, Annabella.

This song and also its B-Side share an interesting partnership. The title of “…A Seachild of Crime)” recommendations the transgressive crudeness of WW1 explained in “‘Tis A Pity…”. Conversely, the title of “"Tis A Pity…” directly referrals the John Ford play that “Sue…” is a modern retelling of.


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