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PROTIP: If your key-board doesn"t occupational when you shot enter an enig codes (only the on-screen keyboard works), just refresh the page (press F5). There"s a good chance that the game did not load correctly.

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You play together Ichigo, a college small in his 3rd year. He"s concentrating on his upcoming job in the promising field of sports therapy, and also out that the blue, his childhood girlfriend returns come his life! however he"s already got a beautiful girlfriend, and also a really hot ex-teacher to deal with! how will their routes cross?

- This is a free, quick game.

- video game is still a work in progress!

- The brand-new original personality artwork is now in!

- Multi-art layout support. Old art is in!

- Ukyu"s layout is now in!

- features a wide variety of decision paths.

- there are more than a dozen different endings come be found here

- 28 various special animated scenes (WIP, will be contained in subsequent updates). 23 scene are currently in the game!

Let us recognize what girlfriend think! If you have comments, suggestions, bug reports, let united state know!

Summer In Springtime story, character concepts by BeerBrew and also Sharkie. Lift artwork by MoulinBrush. We have actually acquired suitable licenses for game assets wherein applicable. Legacy with an innovative Commons 0 (public domain, no attribution needed) license used. Fonts with SIL open Font License additionally used.


- NEW! brand-new special scene added!

- NEW! brand-new special scene added!

- FIX! improved in-game loading/initialization time the assets

- NEW! added 6 much more special scenes in Ukyu"s style! (Now 23 in total, increase to day with the original"s special scenes!)

- NEW! included 7 an ext special scenes in Ukyu"s style! (Now 17 in total, this is still incomplete!)

- NEW! included 7 more special scenes in Ukyu"s style! (Now 10 in total, this is quiet incomplete!)

- NEW! options menu added!

- NEW! Added an international volume controls!

- FIX! Dialog autoscrolling bug

- FIX! Sound-related bugs v the menu

- FIX! pest setting transition between animations.

- FIX! occasion log text currently fixed up!

- NEW! added Ukyu"s new art style and also 3 distinct scenes! (This is tho in progress!)

- NEW! added scene added to among the special group scenes.

- NEW! Several much more special scene CZ translations by John_Smit are in!

- NEW! added scene included to among the special team scenes.

- NEW! menu system!

- FIX! FF and also Auto buttons screwing v the game when choices are ~ above screen.

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- FIX! Black screen start an insect (online version)

- Multi art style support

- Old artworks now playable

- 21 of 22 distinct scenes in the game!

- brand-new original artworks in!

- Partial CZ fan translation by John_Smit in!

- readjusted the method fan translation are handled. (Duplicate entries are removed.)

- fan translations present up as device font for consistency"s sake. English defaults to practice font.