Prepare for extreme naval combat as you track and also eliminate the gods of the Aegean Sea cultists spread throughout multiple places in Assassin"s Creed Odyssey.

Tracking down the Cult the Kosmos members in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a huge task, but one the is more than precious it in legend gear and XP alone. Unfortunately, this screwballs don’t want you to discover them. The gods of the Aegean Sea space particularly challenging because every one of them space on ships in ~ sea, which requires naval combat and also boarding if you desire to remove its members. Below you will uncover an explanation for how to identify and locate every member that the god of Aegean Sea, help you claim the legendary Pirate collection armor and also Gorgoneion Xiphos legend sword.

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Gods of the Aegean Sea Cultist locations

Unlike previous cultist branches, the god of the Aegean Sea start off in ~ a higher level requirement. This means you"ll want to progress through the game some and level up. As soon as you"re ready, head out and also kill the god of the Aegean Sea cultists by making use of the information we"ve included here.

Asterion - Level 28

Unlocked By: The Serpent’s LairLocation: in between Skyros and AndrosLoot: Pirate Gauntlets

Asterion have to be unlocked for every players as soon as they get the list of cultists upon perfect of the Serpent’s Lair story mission. Although he is listed as being level 32, I found him (and his ship) at level 28. Death him by boarding his ship and be thankful that the loot the drops is offered to girlfriend automatically. There is no have to confirm a cultist death at sea.

Sokos - Level 32

Unlocked By: Letter come Asterion (Clue), Obsidian Islands conquest BattleLocation: Northwest of MelosLoot: Pirate Waistband

Upon death Asterion a clue will certainly drop the talks around a cultist in ~ the god of the Aegean Sea that deserve to only be killed by weakening the nation of Melos. Head come the island and do whatever you typically would to weaken the country until the Conquest fight is available. Fight because that Athens and also a naval fight will take place. Death Sokos top top his ship during the battle.

The Octopus - Level 29

Unlocked By: Letter come Sokos (Clue)Location: north of MessaraLoot: Pirate Armor

The location and also identity the The Octopus is revealed by killing Sokos, for this reason she’s easy sufficient to find. This is another naval fight (as space all gods of the Aegean Sea cultists). Plank her ship once you’ve caused sufficient damage and finish she off or let your lieutenants execute it for you. The loot will certainly go directly to her inventory through no need to confirm the kill.

Melanthos - Level 31

Unlocked By: Letter to The Octopus (Clue), Leader’s keep in mind from his son (Clue)Location: West the MessaraLoot: Pirate Hood

Finding Melanthos is as easy as death the leader the Messara, who is the father of Melanthos. You know to kill the leader the Messara because you found the Letter come The Octopus as soon as you eliminated her. Girlfriend will uncover Melanthos to the west of Messara. Although detailed as level 32, he to be level 31 because that me.

The Mytilenian Shark - Level 32

Unlocked By: Letter come Melanthos (Clue), Sunken goods (Clue)Location: southern of SamosLoot: Pirate Treads

To uncover The Mytilenian Shark football player must an initial kill Melanthos. This will provide you the Letter to Melanthos, which talks about a cultist who sank your ship on ruins north that Thera. These damages turned out to it is in the ar of Amphitrite. When there, dive in and loot the chest in the hull the the ship (careful that sharks). This will give you the Sunken products clue, i beg your pardon pinpoints the location of The Mytilenian Shark as south of the island of Samos. Now you just need to death him.

The Hydra - Level 50

Unlocked By: Eliminating all Gods that the Aegean Sea membersLocation: West of KytheraLoot: Gorgoneion Xiphos

Finding a Sage is basic enough. Once you have removed all 5 members of their faction you will certainly be offered their location and also identity. The difficulty with The Hydra, however, is the he is level 50, which means it’s a challenging fight, and also it’s naval combat. This will certainly be challenging to cheese, yet if you figure it the end bet sure to tweet me and also let me know how you go it.

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Now the you"ve destroyed the gods of the Aegean Sea and built up the Pirate collection legendary armor, head come the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey walkthrough and guide for more help surviving old Greece.