Guys, This PQ is friggin' impossible solo. It's not even like I'm a low-level or anything, I'm a Lvl 86 Saiyan v a spam Ki Build and even climate these men whoop my ass. Trunks and Vegeta insert the tip and also then the Goku family ravages her asshole. Divine hell deserve to somebody organize a lobby because that this? Cuz' this is pretty bullshit. Many thanks dudes!


After fighting Vegita and Trunks and them, fee your Ki and stamina, walk SSJ, go v the gate and also just burst fly in a circle. Friend should be able to get turn off at least one ultimate Pefect Kamehameha. I did this mission with that.

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Then readjust your lock come the gate, and go back through it. Let your stamina rebuild and also charge your Ki. Usage hp medicine if necessary. Repeat.

There is a Z-soul native Frieza that renders you faster and rejens ki sufficient so that you can practically stay SSJ without ever having to recharge. "Let me display you my progressed self". "You're insanely annoying" is another good one, since it can provide ki and stamina, yet it won't constantly regen ki choose the first.

You get that an initial one play the parallel mission wherein you fight golden Frieza. Might be DLC.

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Holy shit! That door trick is amazing! Seriously helpful man, Thanks!

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Oh man, wait until you try beating Eternal Rival...

My only piece of aid for these kinds of missions (for saiyan builds) are to equip angry shout together your evasive skill. This will fill up her Ki and get civilization off indigenous ganging up on you.

Then i would use that energy to walk super saiyan and also pull off your ultimates a few times. Make certain to practice your combos and also that will aid you restore your stamina to execute this all over again.

Lastly I would certainly recommend death ball or using a Ki ultimate the keeps girlfriend invulnerable during the spreading period. There's a huge array of an excellent Ki ultimates but i'm not really familiar with lock all since I mainly play strikers/up close.

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However, if you space trying come level increase I have actually a far better solution. Try playing the last PQ available in the SSB DLC. This provides Return the The an excellent Apes which provides the many XP and is the final easily accessible PQ. I've uncovered that using blue hurricane ~ above these men kills lock fast and also I get untouchable virtually everytime. My reward XP-- if I advanced to the hidden ending and also fought Bardock/time patroller-- ns normally get around virtually 130,000 XP there is no the existing event bonus, which provides me approximately 180,000 XP.

Hope this helps!

Edit: and if friend don't desire to to buy the DLC, try farming PQ. 53 by quickly grabbing the dragon balls. (try beating this without anyone touching you for a nice xp bonus/challenge)