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Tonight top top CBS Survivor: Ghost Island airs with an all-new Wednesday, April 4, 2018, Season 36 illustration 76 and also we have your Survivor recap below. Top top tonight’s Survivor season, 36 episode 7 referred to as “Gotta hazard It for the Biscuit,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Another castaway is voted the end of the game.”

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At Malolo Michael think the last Tribal Council was utterly depressing as soon as he removed James to save himself and also now the he is the critical Malolo the knows that he certainly could it is in next. Recognize an idol right now would it is in the most important thing in Michael’s game. Michael starts come look around the beach and also the other tribes mates watched what that is doing however Michael doesn’t care. Tough work pays off, Michael uncovered a hidden immunity idol – it is the really fake covert Immunity Idol that Ozzy developed in Survivor’s 16th season Survivor Micronesia pan vs Favorites, in 2007.

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Ozzy had actually hidden this sculpted stick on Exile Island, Jason found it believing that to it is in a real idol he promised to give Eliza. When Jason confirmed it to her, Eliza establish it to be an evident fake, Eliza to be voted the end that night and also the negative luck continued. Ozzy was blindsided at the next tribal with an idol in his pocket, adhered to by Jason, voted out at the following tribal v an idol in his pocket.

The just three football player to ever before touch this pole were all voted out, but there is a mystery nobody knows. For ten year this stick has actually been life on Ghost Island slowly obtaining power and of this moment it has completely matured into a real concealed Immunity Idol. Michael is so happy, that is prepared to do damage with his new idol.

Time for today’s prize Challenge, each of the players room going to traction on a rope that is suspending a disk, they will then work-related together to stack blocks on that disk, spelling reward, if the stack falls they have to start again, the very first tribe to finish wins steak, chicken kabobs, flavors to do it taste great and a grill to cook it on. The second tribe will certainly win chicken kabobs. The last people gets nothing. The winning people will send someone from one of two people of the two various other tribes come Ghost Island.

All 3 tribes drop their blocks and have to start over again. Naviti wins the huge reward, Yanuya wins 2nd place and Malolo loser again. Kelly from Malolo is sent to Ghost Island. Kelly opens an urn and tells she to follow the fire, the is the Ghost Island game of chance and she needs to make a decision come play or not. She decides to play the game and also hopes she has the happy of Survivor on she side. Kelly won an advantage, it is the yes, really Steal A Vote provided to vote out Michaela in Survivor’s 34th season – when Michaela was not favored to contend in the reward challenge she took she spot ~ above the sit the end bench.

Blinded through frustration, she never saw the an enig advantage sitting at she feet. Sarah grabbed the advantage and offered it to vote out Michaela. This haunted benefit no much longer holds the strength to steal a vote however you can use it as an extra vote.

Meanwhile, Donathan feels an extremely proud that himself and also this is the highest suggest that the has had actually so far. Bradley has actually no patience and claps his hand to gain Donathan’s fist – if he keeps dealing with him like that his days are going to it is in numbered. Bradley go away and also everyone is talking about him, calling that a nasty B. Domenick is not sure if it is a good idea to get rid of Bradley, counts on gameplay at the time.

Meanwhile, Wendell is happy his tribe mates are full because they all loss asleep and he heads the end to look for an idol. Wendell find a clue come an idol, currently he has to uncover the idol. Wendell has found an idol necklace, the one that Erik offered to Nathalie in Survivor’s 16th season. Erik had actually made it to the final five and had winner this immune necklace which guaranteed him a point out in the last four. But, the 4 remaining ladies bamboozled that into giving up the necklace in ~ Tribal Council and then they timeless voted him out. The necklace has actually now matured into a hidden Immunity Idol.

Malolo is noble of losing, they people burn your Malolo flag come burn the curse. Time because that today’s immunity Challenge. They room going come swim out to a floating platform, race up, run off and retrieve 2 sets that floating rings, they will certainly then effort to land those rings on a floating target. The an initial two people to obtain all your rings top top the floating target success immunity and also safe indigenous the vote.

Yanuya and Malolo win immunity, Naviti is heading come Tribal Council. The curse is reversed because that Malolo. Ago at camp, Bradley desires to vote the end Libby. Chelsea tells Libby she is fine, however Libby is nervous the she may be voted out and realizes this is a an essential tribal. It yes, really is between Libby and Bradley. The is time because that Tribal Council. Bradley speak Jeff the is hard due to the fact that they room one huge cohesive team. Donathan bring up the reality that Morgan to be voted out and also Domenick is still sore about that.

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Libby defends herself and also says she stayed true to her alliance and also can give someone else the loyalty. Bradley go on come tell Jeff the he is no argumentative. Domenick explains that in this video game you have to bite her tongue a lot. Chelsea thinks the your behavior constantly affects your ar in the game. Time come vote, if anybody has a concealed Immunity idol the is time to play it, nobody does. The very first vote is for Libby, next is Bradley, following is Bradley – the seventh person voted the end is Bradley.