How to do Susan B. Anthony’s Costume

Susan B. Anthony was a champion for ladies suffrage. She left her legacy for the women and people of color in the USA while decked in an easy clothing. To cop she costume, be sure to stay a black color dress. Then obtain detachable white collar and also a pair the cuffs. Complete with a pair the heeled closeup of the door shoes and tie your hair in a bun or undertake a bun wig.

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These space the piece for your following Susan B. Anthony costume:

1Black DressGet this long-sleeved black dress.
2Detachable CollarStyle it v a detachable collar.
3CuffsThen stay it v cuffs.
4Black ShoesWear this pair that shorts.
5Bun WigTie her hair right into a bun or wear this bun wig.
6Costume SetOr get this full Susan B. Anthony costume set.

About Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony was an American social reformer. She had actually a big role in the ladies suffrage movement as well as in the anti-slavery movement. In 1872, she to be arrested because that voting and also her trial was highly publicized. After this, Sen. Aaron A. Sargent introduced an modification that permitted women to vote.

As a civil legal rights activist, Anthony left a lasting legacy and inspired plenty of people. Women and people of shade have commemorated Anthony in various means such as in the Commemorative stamp (1936), in a stained glass home window at the afri Methodist Episcopal Zion church in Rochester, and also more!


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