“By The Sea” is Mrs. Lovett’s plot II “I want” song. Nearly all of Mrs. Lovett’s actions throughout the musical are notified by she desire come climb out of her working-class… review More 

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Ooh, Mr. ToddI'm for this reason happyI couldEat friend upI really couldYou understand what I'd favor to do, Mr. Todd?What i dream?If the service stays together goodWhere I'd really choose to go?In a year, or so?Don't you want to know?Of courseDo friend really want to know?Yes, yes, i do, ns doBy the sea, Mr. Todd, that's a life i covetBy the sea, Mr. Todd, oh, I know you'd love itYou and also me, Mr. T, we might be aloneIn a home what we'd practically ownDown by the sea...

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Anything friend say...Wouldn't that be smashing?With the sea at our gate we'll have kippered herringWhat was involved us directly from the Straits of BeringEvery night in the kick, once we're with our kippersI'll be there slipping off her slippersBy the seaWith the fishies splashingBy the seaWouldn't that be smashingDown by the seaAnything friend say, anything friend sayI have the right to see united state wakingThe breakers breakingThe seagulls squawkingHoo-hooI'll perform me baking, then I'll walk walkingWith you-hoo you-hooI'll heat me bones on the esplanadeHave tea and scones with me happy young bladeThen I'll knit a sweaterWhile you write a letterUnless we've got far better to do-hoo
Anything you sayThink how snug it will be underneath our flannelWhen it's just you and me and also the English channelIn our warm retreat kept all neat and tidyWe'll have actually chums over every FridayBy the seaAnything friend sayDon't you love the weather?By the seaWe'll grow old togetherBy the seaside, hoo-hooBy the beautiful seaOh, I can see us nowIn our shower dressesYou in a pretty navyAnd me... Stripes perhapsIt'll be so quietThat who'll come by itExcept a seagull? Oh, oh!We shouldn't try itUntil it's legal because that twoBut a seaside wedding could be devisedMe rumpled bedding, legitimizedMe eyelids'll flutterI'll turn into butterThe moment I mutter, "I do!"
By the sea, in our nestWe can share ours kippersWith the odd-paying guest from the weekend trippersHave a nice, sunny sweet for the guest to remainder inNow and then you can do the guest inBy the seaMarried nice and also properBy the seaBring follow me your chopperTo the seaside, hoo-hooBy the beautiful sea
“By The Sea” is Mrs. Lovett’s plot II “I want” song. Nearly every one of Mrs. Lovett’s actions throughout the musical are educated by her desire to climb the end of her working-class visibility or come be v Sweeney Todd.

In this song, she combines both of these dreams in a seaside fantasy with the unresponsive Todd. This song was added to the show as Angela Lansbury’s contract dictated a major second act piece.

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