I bet for the last few days her Instagram has actually been full of fireworks and also champagne and also midnight kisses. Facebook has been running warm showing you pictures of impossibly thoughtful gifts, household gatherings and Christmas job engagements (please any kind of would-be husbands who find themselves here note, i am not down because that that). It’s a lot right?


Disclaimer: i love instagram. Ns love a location where every little thing is (for the many part) lovely and bright and also happy and also #inspo and #goalsAF and also I in reality wish in an illustration of black Mirror sort of method that everyone had a filter mechanism on their eyes and every morning you could pick her filter and people who see you with that filter when they speak you. Countless a time I have actually thought oh this look would certainly be good if I could make it a Hudson filter day (if any Zuckerberg type steals this idea at least put my name on it and also cut me in).

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It was in reality on Instagram that ns saw photo by Camilo Matiz whereby lights which appear to say one thing, communicate an entirely different message in your reflection. Ns screen recorded the image, method back in November, since it struggle on something inside me (and put it in through my 9000 various other photos on my phone #ihaveissues) not knowing that it would eventually form part that this blog.

This topic finished up in mine mind end the holidays wherein I was probably much more active 보다 usual ~ above the social pipes and also in doing therefore had an ext than one person make comment the it’s an excellent to check out I am going “so well” now this is obviously a nice thing to say and also I by no means consider that anything other than well intentioned but to be honest it grated ~ above me pretty tough as it’s completely not the instance AT ALL. For fairly some time I have actually not being going “well” or maybe also “ok” by any kind of stretch that the imagination and also that is partly why there has actually been a gap between my posts. The previous year was unbelievably complicated and much more times than no I felt choose I wondered about if I would certainly make that or if i I also wanted to. So exactly how on earth would anyone have actually the impression ns was law the exact opposite of exactly how I have actually been feeling?



Image Credit: Camilo Matiz

Social media me

The me you check out in pictures with people, or self in fun areas or making sign on memes.

This is me, sure. However it’s me in a good light, in a good moment. And also it’s the exterior me. Not exactly how I’m feeling inside

Now I understand this isn’t exactly a surprising situation that someone that isn’t affiliated in mine day come day life would certainly make assumptions based ~ above the only insight they have actually into it. It is what I’ve provided them and thats what they’ve taken. If this had actually been the just time ns was made come think around it I probably would’ve left it in ~ that however when my closest friend said something to me along the very same lines — talk to me or possibly at me about how happy i am and also an ext or less making the suggest that probably I don’t also need your attention since I gain plenty of it online.


Firstly, as soon as I say the this is mine closest girlfriend I desire to provide it part context come really do the suggest here. I median close in a way that they know everything I do, think, feel, great for, love, fear and cry about. I walk roughly feeling choose there is a item of castle stitched under my skin and I defer to your voice in mine head if they aren’t around. An ext than once they have been the one talking me under this previous year when Id all but decided i couldn’t go on. They understand me beautiful ugly. Crying, angry, scared. They that once I say ns fine ns am not, the if I speak to you mate, Im more than likely mad and also if ns imagine us in cartoon type I am the anxious girl that gets so swept up in mine in thoughts and also worries and a swirl of me doubt that ns literally start to float turn off the ground away from reality and they space the one who gently however firmly, reach up, grab mine wrist and return my feet come the earth.

So how powerful is the social media pull on our psyche if also this person confused the virtual me and also their very own real life one? exactly how much weight are we placing on the social media persona of world even when we recognize them well?

A photo is supposedly precious a thousand words however aren’t we additionally taught no to judge a book by the cover?

We all do it. I’ve done it. I have actually a friend that looks prefer perfection, unfiltered or otherwise. And I recognize that from exterior the instagram window, I believed that they had the “perfect life”. Ns can’t imagine them every having a shred of me doubt or any type of real problems. To be honest, I’ve an ext than as soon as questioned why they even bother through me together I regarded them as next level in compare (or multiple level really). I would certainly say I’ve also failed to present them the empathy ns would show somebody different. But why? due to the fact that I was only looking in ~ a curated feed of lock online. Attractive people don’t have actually problems? ns am seeing literally one 2nd of their day in a photograph which doesn’t yes, really tell me much regarding the totality of their experiences. That’s not to to speak they aren’t good looking, successful, funny and interesting (annoying much?) yet they additionally doubt themselves and also don’t view what other civilization do.

Yes I deserve to pull myself with each other for crucial social event. Correct I will certainly smile and pose for photos.



Well the is real. However it no tell the full story of a person.

Yes that person’s baby looks beloved in that photograph with your Christmas outfit however their mum has a throbbing headache from being up every night while it cried and she has vomit on she shoe from wherein the small angel let loosened on the way to the photographer.

Sure, everyone drank Moet and also danced and also watched the fireworks and also kissed at midnight top top NYE however we didn’t view an upload of lock vomiting in a bucket the next morning or the dispute they had at the Uber pickup about why that other girl was snap chatting him.

And if we are being honest, most every girl that reads this will have been component of a group chat where comments to be orchestrated well prior to ever gift posted ~ above a snapshot or status to get a reaction out of who else and also most of united state have obtained that “like my selfie” text or been put right into a photo which to be taken particularly to annoy someone. I’ve seen a very zoomed shooting of a candlelight bath tub which I know for a truth the surroundings of i beg your pardon look favor a crack residence after a police raid.

As someone who has for plenty of years remained in a partnership where the other person travels far for occupational you best think I can take a selfie, in fact I can bang out a lingerie picture shoot that seems so fine staged that it’s been asked that took the photo….glam shot for sure, yet if you take it it native the other side friend would check out a precarious stack of shoeboxes and tupperware and a call on timer with more than 100 blurry shots whereby I didn’t acquire into position in time (love yes, really knows no bounds).

Yes it’s tho me. Its tho a nice photo but it hardly speak the sum of mine story. I’m cute in the snapshot but all torn up inside because Im spending mine time taking pictures with mine phone rather of seeing the guy the pictures are for. I feel like a version of those stickers that you have on your vehicle mirror telling you vehicles space closer 보다 they appear should be grounding on our phone screens. I’d indicate “Lives on the net are more complex than they appear”.

No not everything is fake, not every little thing sucks, no everyone is pretending they had a great night. Sometimes everyone really just is having actually a an excellent time and also their life is travelling along nicely and it’s peachy.

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Regardless, it is simply a moment. We have the technology to take a picture of girlfriend 200 time if we require to and make certain everyone is happy with it. Because that those of us who thrived up through film we had actually to take it a photo, take it an extra for luck and hope everyone had actually their eye open when we got them earlier from gift developed. Society media write-ups are the photo we would certainly pick out and put in a framework in our house. It’s simply a much more instant, convenient way of act so.