I have actually played Symphonia 2 top top the Wii before and also disregarded it choose a the majority of fans as soon as it first came out due to changes in gameplay, characters, and personally not having actually the time for a many Wii ingredient in 2008. Ns am coming ago to the on PS3 12 year later and taking the game as that is, and also I gain it because that the most part.

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That being said, the ceo battles are the most unbalanced, overpowering opponents that simply love to blindside me at any time they display up. I could be effectively equipped, properly leveled up, and the most uninspired boss (such together a tree after obtaining ignis) come down and also bitch slaps me with assaults that are simply too powerful for mine inept party members to carry out anything, leave Emil over there to die if I run out of life bottles. Is this an suffer anyone else deserve to relate to?

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There are a couple fights the are very difficult, especially early on game bosses. Ns think this is true in many Tales games (like Vesperia. That very first Zagi struggle is a nightmare prior to you acquire the hang of complimentary run juking).

A couple things: Making use of Synthesis have the right to make friend much much more powerful. You can usually grind for a do ingredient in ~ an earlier-game ar if you want it previously (Hima is a big place because that that), yet you’re additionally handed loads of crafting ingredients in the last 2 chapters.

Do the Katz quests for Message:Hawkeye to acquire Item Finder 2 ~ above all her monsters.

Remember using free Run makes any kind of damage you take a vital hit, therefore it have the right to be dangerous to use at the dorn moments.

Some enemies’ mystic Artes assault the entirety team, or the entirety team in a specific range. If they use a mystic arte try to run away from the adversary until you’re all healed up. Marta’s mystic arte is just better to usage than Emil’s 99.999% the the time, due to the fact that it loss the whole field and heals the whole team partially.

Focus enemy casters an initial so they can not heal. On complicated enemies, if you’re failing come break your guard, be yes, really careful about them attacking. Probably just get in a few hits then give them space. Emil gets a ton of arts that put him behind the enemy, for this reason you have the right to use those to prevent hits.

If you’re playing Marta, make certain you’re using obstacle at the start of fights, and pre-healing based on how lengthy the casting takes (it gets quicker over the course of the video game as girlfriend get an ext equipment and an abilities with speed Cast).

If you’re play melee Marta (my an individual favorite thing to play in this game), make certain she has actually all her include Combo skills, and also then I typically chain into Crescent Dance-Roaring Phoenix. That keeps you well positioned and hits fast. Several of her melee Artes either have actually a long wind-up or don’t heat up well v smaller opponent hit boxes.

Remember girlfriend can attack directionally. As soon as fighting leeches, target down. Emil is also ace at break enemies’ guard, lifting them right into the air, and keeping that there. By end game, he have the right to basically choose an enemy up into the sky and also kill them before they can move, essentially removing it from the fight.

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This video game is likewise all around the monsters. The a good idea to have actually one or two caster monsters on her team, and also make certain they have healing spells.