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You are watching: Tanaka-kun wa itsumo kedaruge specials

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because the full runtime because that this entry is about fifty percent an hour, let's do this a rapid one!Story (6) - these are simply cute skits spinning off of situations and also characters in the original collection (whether it be the anime or manga). Nothing far-ranging is yes, really added, however just for fun!Art (8) - watch as good as the original anime. Nothing to add.Sound (8) - very same thing as the Art. The music's mainly as every the norm.Character (6) - choose the comments because that the Story here, nothing comprehensive is added here. Just silly instances based off of established character traitsEnjoyment/Overall (7) - these specials were fun! i recommend these if you one of two people want more of Tanaka-kun's adventures or desire something laidback.

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You deserve to watch every one of these in less than fifty percent an hour, specifically if you skip the credits in ~ the end of every episode, therefore I'll try not to waste a most time here. Story: 5, over there wasn't really a story in the initial anime, yet these were extra disappointing simply since the factor that that didn't have actually a story was because Slice of Life + Comedy can bring themselves with just character interactions, the problem is that these specials have no comedy to speak of.Art: 8, Nothing different here from the original series, so ns can't really adjust this indigenous the score that I offered when reviewing it.Sound: 8, Not certain what the name of the track actually is, however it sounds favor the text say "Lucky Song", and they played that at the finish of at least fifty percent of this specials, it's a shame because the original show had a much more varied song selection. Luckily I execute at least like that song, but if I want to hear it on repeat, I'd watch it increase on youtube.Character: 6, tho the personalities you know and love from the initial show, however the difficulty is the the comedy is what made countless of them so lovable, i m sorry is completely dead in these specials.Enjoyment: 5, I had actually a difficult time no falling asleep during these, and that's only partially because I'm sick. It's mainly because of the fact that castle were extremely boring in comparison to the initial show.Overall: 6, Not completely awful, but as someone who was excited to obtain a bit more of this present after the final episode, I'm fairly disappointed the this is every it was. Unless you're merely absolutely desperate for more of this show, ns wouldn't waste your time, however it's not prefer these room long sufficient to waste any substantial amount the time, so execute whatever.