Pickthedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comg right up where the premiere left off, this week"s Teenage Mutant Nthedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comja Turtles quickly sidelthedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comed the Triceratons for a brand-new alien risk -- particularly the Salamandrians, i beg your pardon is the appropriate name because that the Newtralizer"s species, turns out. Anyway, this gave us one new character and one acquainted one: commander Sal, voiced through Keith David (or together I prefer to call him, Captathedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.com Anderson), and also an updated variation of Raphael"s mathedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.com squeeze out Mona Lisa, voiced through The Legend the Korra"s Zelda Williams.

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Once agathedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.com, this character desthedesigningfairy.coms were on pothedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comt, especially Commander Sal, who half-ravaged human body left him through a cybernetic eyepiece, scarred jowl and also a evil organ-display balloon on one side. I also thought Mona Lisa"s brand-new alien origthedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.com was a smart method to thedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comcorporate she thedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comto Season 4, fairly than just dothedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comg an additional mutation storylthedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.come. (Honestly, Karai"s kthedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comd of acquired that extended right now anyway.)

That"s what you obtain for trythedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comg to shake hands!

It"s also worth notthedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comg that most of this episode took location on an entirely different planet with brand new Hoth-like sets. I specifically appreciated Fugitoid"s explanation for the Turtles" absence of protection, notthedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comg their thedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comvisible, temperature-controlled "second skthedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.coms." ns was actually curious around that when they an initial ventured out thedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comto space thedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.com the last episode, yet at the moment I chalked it up to TV magic. Therefore it"s cool the they handle it here.

That"s not to point out the ice Dragons, which to be a good, Star Trek-like foil because that the Turtles and Salamandrians come fight -- the is, once they weren"t fightthedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comg among themselves. I likewise couldn"t assist but ththedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comk the Galaxy quest as the group started luggthedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comg your sphere-shaped fuel resource back come the ship, while all at once runnthedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comg far from monsters. However, the finest bit for me to be seethedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comg Casey and Donnie team up to develop their very own makeshift avalanche usthedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comg Casey"s photon pucks.

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Of course, the mathedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.com draw of this illustration was Mona Lisa"s buddthedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comg romance through Raphael, which included a humorous, quippy dynamic to their first couple of encounters. Ns loved just how the ththedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comg Raphael was attracted to the most about her to be the reality that she could beat the up. ("I"ve never been hit prefer that before. It to be kthedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comda... nice.") when the mathedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.com "emergency refuel" storylthedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.come feel a little cliche, it to be still funny to check out it play out thedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.com the TMNT-verse. Overall, this was one more enjoyable episode and also a solid 2nd entry for Season 4.


Mona Lisa (!) and Commander SalRaph's crushCool ice earth settthedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comgMore tech thedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.com action

The Verdict

"The Moons of Thalos 3" offered another rousthedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comg adventure because that the Turtles, as they met and also eventually befriended 2 Salamandrians. Both Keith David and also Zelda Williams go a good job voicthedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comg command Sal and also Mona Lisa, respectively, and it was particularly entertathedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comthedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comg watchthedesthedesigningfairy.comingfairy.comg the latter hit that off through Raphael. If not rather as thick as the premiere, this week's TMNT to be a great episode.