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\"Say Hello 2 Heaven\" is a song by the American absent band holy place of the Dog. Composed by vocalist kris Cornell, \"Say Hello 2 Heaven\" to be released in 1991 as the 2nd single indigenous the band\"s sole studio album, holy place of the Dog (1991). The song got to number 5 on the Billboard Mainstream rock Tracks chart. Cornell composed \"Say Hello 2 Heaven\" as a tribute come his roommate, mother Love Bone vocalist Andrew Wood, that at the time had recently passed away of a heroin overdose.

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Please, mommy mercyTake me native this placeAnd the long-winded cursesI hear in mine headThe words never ever listenAnd teachers, five they never learnMy warmth from the candleThough i feel also cold come burnHe come from an islandThen he passed away from the streetAnd that hurt so negative like a soul breakin\"But he never ever said nothin\" come me, yeahA\"say hello to heaven, heaven, heavenSay hello come heaven, heaven, heaven, yeahNew like a baby, lost like a prayerThe sky was your playgroundBut the cold girl was her bedOoh, i said, poor StargazerShe\"s gained no tears in her eyesBut fool favor a whisperShe knows the love heals all wounds v timeNow the seem like too lot love isNever enough, yeah, girlfriend betterSeek out another road \"cause this one has finished abrupt, ohSay hello come heaven, heaven, heavenSay hello to heaven, heaven, heaven, yeahSay hello to heaven, heaven, heaven, oh oh (Heaven)(Heaven)(Heaven)I, I never ever wantedTo compose these words down for youWith the pages that phrasesOf points we\"ll never doYea, so ns blow out, the end the candle and I put you come bedSince girlfriend can\"t say come me nowHow the dog damaged your boneThere\"s simply one point left to be saidSay hello to heaven, heaven, heaven,Say hello to heaven, heaven, heaven, say hello to heaven, heaven, heaven, yeah Say hello come heaven, to heaven, yeah yeah oh oh

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temple of the Dog temple of the Dog was an American rock band that developed in Seattle, Washington in 1990. It was conceived by vocalist kris Cornell the Soundgarden together a tribute to his friend, the so late Andrew Wood, lead singer that Malfunkshun and Mother Love Bone.

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The line-up included stone Gossard on rate guitar, Jeff Ament on base guitar (both ex-members of mommy Love Bone), Mike McCready on lead guitar, Matt Cameron ~ above drums and Eddie Vedder providing lead and backing vocals. Much more »