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The No. 19 Virginia technology Hokies return to action on Saturday and host the center Tennessee Blue Raiders. The Hokies room looking to acquire to 2-0 ~ above the season before next week’s showdown in Morgantown against old competitor West Virginia.

But first, the Hokies should take down the Blue Raiders. This is the the first-ever meeting in between these 2 schools.

Now, onto our staff predictions because that Saturday’s game.

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Bryan Manning

The Hokies room going to success this game. I am make the efforts to ignore last week’s UNC game as go into my prediction. We’ve seen this happen far too many times end the years. The Hokies skipping a lesser opponent and also either suffer a shocking uncomfortable or space battling for the win late in the 4th quarter.

I nothing think head coach Justin Fuente permits his team to look past middle Tennessee. The Hokies need to start quick — and also they will. They took pleasure in playing middle Tennessee quarterback Bailey Hockman last season. I think they will certainly again ~ above Saturday.

Virginia Tech’s running game gets going while quarterback Braxton Burmeister proceeds to obtain on the same web page as every one of his receivers. The Hokies will certainly roll.

Virginia tech 41, middle Tennessee 10

Jay Johnson

The Hokies space coming turn off their finest win in the last five years, yet early-season wins have the right to be deceiving. I cannot aid but think around the opening video game of 2018 as soon as the Hokies saw Tallahassee and beat up on then-No. 19 Florida State, 24-3. Three quick weeks later, then-No. 13 Virginia Tech endured the notorious 49-35 loss come Old Dominion and also finished the continuous season 6-6. That touted Seminole formation finished a dismal 5-7. The allude of this expedition down storage lane is come say… yeah, VT beat a height ten UNC squad, but we cannot placed too much trust right into that victory. North Carolina could easily it is in overrated. The VT defense play lights out, but I observed the same offensive deficiencies that have actually been on display screen for the last 5 years. The Hokies just cannot begin to believe in the No. 19 / No. 20 ranking they have achieved. The middle Tennessee Blue Raiders opened their 2021 season by demolishing the Monmouth Hawks, 50-15. The Hawks are an FCS squad, yet over the last 4 years, castle have been one of the much better FCS programs. By any measure, the Hokies space head and shoulders beyond the talent that the Blue Raiders. MTSU is beginning a pair of transfer running backs that sat out last season and also a brand-new QB. Their offensive line enabled two sacks and also 11 TFL versus Monmouth. I expect Tech’s defensive line come eat them alive. Defensive scores are a reasonable expectation. In fact, ns think the Hokie defense might be able to win this video game on your own. Past the talent and athleticism benefit VT brings to the field, center Tennessee need to come right into Lane. Hopefully, the attack coaching staff uses this chance to check out the potential of an ext diverse and also exciting plays, in wishes of getting some reps and sets prior to they face off versus stiffer opponents. I have no doubt that the Hokies are going come dominate, yet I likewise don’t think this game is going to do lot to really present what level this VT squad deserve to achieve. VT crushes MTSU.

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45-7, Virginia technology

John Schneider

Where space you supposed to go v a prediction versus a program that has never appeared on Virginia Tech’s football radar. The baseball team has regularly play a collection against MTU, but never the football team. The Blue Raiders space a Conference-USA team... An interpretation Group that 5, and a newish regimen on any sports horizon. They space 1-0 having actually beaten increase Monmouth which is a pretty highly thought of and also ranked FCS team. The ranking didn’t help them against the Blue Raiders who placed 50 clues on the board. The malfunction of the video game was amazing enough due to the fact that MTU no seem to have actually a an extremely consistent running game. Your entire effort looked to it is in passes and also short runs on quick fields. Therefore the Blue Raiders look choose they could have a pretty stout defense. Their attack line and also running backs don’t look to be the powerful, though. The truth is that the Hokies should win this soccer game and should win it in ~ the odds parameters laid out by the wise guys... 15.5 spread and also a 54 suggest O/U i beg your pardon translates right into a blowout for Tech. The first thing that the Hokies need to do is to put last Friday behind them. The 2nd thing to perform is come remember the this program has actually a history of playing down to an early warmup program and also it’s absolutely an important for them to take it the Blue Raiders seriously. If they do it should be a funny afternoon. Ns am not predicting any type of real rubbish time, despite that would be nice, since such guesses have landed me in WAG hot water.

IF they carry out their jobs, the game shouldn’t be close and Tech have to walk turn off the ar with 35 or therefore points to only a marginal score or two for MTU.

38-10 Hokies

Justin Redman

I’m no going to lie, ns nervous. Ns nervous due to the fact that we’re Virginia Tech, and we’ve had actually as numerous statement wins ourselves as we’ve provided program changing wins to others. I’m nervous that this might be the Bailey Hockman revenge game, after ours defense took far his beginning job. What I’m not nervous about? the this center Tennessee team can possibly complement our talent level. We must win, and I’ll suspect a heavy 35-10, victory, but we’ll all be on the edge of our seats till it’s West Virginia week.