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We’ve reached a an essential time in The remarkable Race. Contestants carry out not desire to mess up this leg, because a slight miscalculation could price them a clues in the finals. Lock can nearly taste win at this point. No one wants to be the team that goes home one action away from a shot in ~ a million dollars.

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We start with a hop, skip, and jump from Vietnam to Seoul, south Korea. Every the teams space pretty much even once lock disembark the airplane, so strategy comes right into play. It’s go large or walk home, and also The boys decide to take a danger by capturing the subway come the Gangnam District. Props to these males for conducting part light study with fellow travelers returning home. According to the locals, the subway is much faster than a taxi.

Matt and also Redmond’s gamble can have preserved them in your first-place lead had actually they no missed their connecting subway. Suddenly, that one decision thrusts them right into last place, due to the fact that everyone rather takes a taxi to Gangnam.

Joey and also Tara space the very first to arrive. A dancing girl hands over a clue, which instructs groups to head come Hanyang University. Brooke and Scott, in addition to Team LoLo, space close behind. Mom and Dad arrive at the Olympic gym to uncover a bunch of primary school school youngsters “playing” v cups.

ROAD BLOCK: who stacks up?Stacking cups is not just a cool point the youngsters are doing this days, however it’s a very competitive sport, too. Teams must race versus the clock to finish a succession of cup stacking in less than 7 seconds. Phil would prefer you to know that the civilization record is less than two seconds.

Joey is first to arrive, yet his big hands hinder him from appropriately grasping the cups. Brooke scurries in next, proclaiming the SHE have the right to DO THIS. Execute you know what? She does perform this. It just takes she a dozen or so times to grasp the cadence. Ns guess Gloria Estefan to be right. Eventually, the valuation is walking to get you.

Brooke take away the clue and also reads, “Make your means to the whatever Arts and social Center. LET’S GO!”

This make me laugh the end loud. The “whatever” is the Mugythedesigningfairy.comon arts and cultural Center. Can Brooke’s strange personality be farming on me? What is happening?

As Brooke and also Scott rush turn off to discover a taxi, Joey finishes the cup an obstacle right along with Logan. Where space Matt and Redmond, friend ask? great question. The Boys got their proviso in the Gangnam District yet are tho trying to do it to the college gym. In one more stroke of destructive luck, their taxi driver take it them 20 minutes in the wrong direction. Never fear. The taxi cab driver is going to provide them a discount. That need to equal the end the potential lose of a million bucks, don’t girlfriend think?

They lastly make it to the gym, yet everyone rather has currently left. The Boys number they are in critical place, however they can’t be sure. Redmond procedures up come the table and knocks out the cup an obstacle in a typical amount of time.(Recap proceeds on page 2)

Next increase is a food challenge. Teams must make a batch that kimchi, i m sorry is a spicy cabbage dish. All 3 teams end up being eerily quiet, nervous the the others will overhear their strategies when it pertains to mixing the ingredients. Well, Brooke and Scott are as quiet as the two of them deserve to be, which is a dull nag. I’ll take it it.

The an obstacle is fairly easy. Two of the 3 teams need to rthedesigningfairy.comrap your dishes, however all attain the job in no time. It’s another close race as all 6 players travel to Seoul OGN E-Stadium. Again, the placement will come down to the taxi driver’s knowledge of the English language and also his or her willingness to rest the rule by speeding. All arrive at basically the very same time.

In this road BLOCK, individuals must compete against a skilled while play a martial arts video game. You may be wondering how in the civilization that’s fair. Thankfully, there’s a twist. After every 10 rounds, the professional is provided a handicap. This way, the eager, sweaty Americans have a fighting chance.

Everyone attacks with a different mentality while play his or she professional. Scott curses in ~ the avatar across from him and also catcalls the experienced to his appropriate at the same time. London chastises her skilled for knocking her the end so many times. Doesn’t he know that London is a lady and his incessant must digitally beat her is rude? Tara manages come die prior to she also presses a button or moves a joystick. This can’t be good.

Round after round, the experts kill the players. At one point, Tara’s spirit is punched out of her body. Just as I come to be bored, the very first handicap is implemented, and these jokers quiet beat London, Tara, and also Scott. Once my finger itches to use the fast forward button on my remote, the experts are blindfolded.

The teams still have trouble beating their counterparts. Native the audience, Joey beginning bad-mouthing Tara’s professional. Just how do you speak “cheater” in Korean? as his blood starts to boil, London beats her guy during round 20-something and almost weeps for joy. She and Logan publication it the end the door simply as Scott loss his enemy. Tara begs who to aid her understand just how she isn’t winning versus a man playing through one hand who can’t see. No one seems to recognize this answer. Especially Joey, who is turning a wicked the shade of crimson.

Oh look! There’s Matt and Redmond do kimchi, crushing it on the an initial try, and also securing their clue. Hurry up, guys!

Meanwhile, Scott, Brooke, and also Team LoLo sprint to the PIT avoid at some Gavit, wherein Phil is wait for castle on a floating island. I imagine that stacking cups to pass the time.

Back inside, Tara suffers through round 27 simply as Matt strolls in to take it his seat at the controls. After ~ ten rounds, Matt’s expert admits the Matt is really good. Once the skilled has his hand bound behind his back, Matt begins to dominate. Fortunately for Tara, this is as soon as she to win her very own professional.

Over at the islands, strategy takes precedence again. Phil is top top the fourth level. Team LoLo chooses the stairs, when Brooke and Scott take it the elevator. Who will be in the finals? The anticipation is killing me!

1. Brooke and also Scott: Elevators are quicker than stairs, people. Congratulations to this team for their an initial No. 1 win.

2. Logan and also London: Remember once I dubbed them the dark horse? i think they could win it all if castle play smart and also don’t have any kind of hiccups follow me the way.

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3. Tara and also Joey: ns hope Tara has actually a soft actors in she fanny fill for the carpal tunnel syndrome she simply developed.

4. Matt and also Redmond: I’d like to suggest out that if their taxi driver hadn’t pushed them 20 minutes in the not correct direction, The guys would have pulled the off. Instead, they’ll have to make execute with their trip to Costa Rica through the gnome. Thanks Travelocity!

We’re under to the final three. Perform you think there’s any strategy to winning in ~ this point? If so, what is it? Or execute you think it’s lucky of the draw… or taxi driver? Also, carry out you think London and Logan have actually started date yet?



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