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”.32 S & W.CTCF” stamped ~ above the flute/"H.&R. ARMS company WORCESTER, MASS, U.S.A." stamped top top the flute /“THE AMERICAN dual ACTION” stamped on height /"209034" stamped ~ above the bottom the the handle


112mm x (height) x 160mm (width) x 35mm (depth)

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Rachel Lichensteinone year ago

I have actually this gun. Inheired it. Serial no on bottom of handle is 17726. How do I uncover out that worth.

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i have actually a very same gun v number 473128 what is the sector value the it.

Jennifer Niemeyer3 year ago

I have actually a H&R twin Action, design # 190438CAL, It has 38 S&W CTGE top top the flute and 34473 top top the butt. Have the right to not remove the hand grip. I would choose to have it repaired.

GB3 years ago

Serial number can be found under the left hand grip in ~ the bottom that the take care of for guns made 1890-1906. You need to remove the grip to access. I also have one in like brand-new condition and am in search of a worth also.Hope this helps.

Elizabeth6 years ago

I would also like to understand the worth of this snub nose?

Kevin6 year ago

This is also weird! among these revolvers simply came right into my possession yesterday. We stumbled onto a cache of arms packed far by my father in law many years ago. I as well would like to understand the value.

Mark6 year ago

I have a gun like this but, that does not have any numbers top top it in ~ all. Nothing has actually been ground off of it. How much is a gun choose this worth?

This object is from
Australian Stockman's room of Fame and also Outback heritage Centre
164130 203337 2221 295 418733 51608 7412 8615 9093 94787 LL6381 serial mo.6134;

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H&R Arms: "The American" twin Action Revolver ; H & R Firearms; 1905-1942; 130...

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