The Beast In Me Chords#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------##This record is the author"s own work and also represents their interpretation of the ##song. You might only usage this record for exclusive study, scholarship, or research. ##------------------------------------------------------------------------------##Date: Tue, 03 Oct 1995 20:35:25 -0400 (EDT)From: "Dr. Mellow" Subject: Cowpie! SubmissionsResent-to: To: Reply-to: MIME-version: 1.0X-Newsgroup-to-support: The Beast In Me created by Nick Lowe released by Plangent Visions Music Inc. ASCAP C C The beast in me F G C Is caged by frail and fragile bars F G Restless by day C Bb D7 and also by night rants and also rages in ~ the stars F G C God help the beast in me The beast in me Has had actually to find out to live v pain and how to sanctuary from the rain and also in the twinkling of an eye could have to be restrained God aid the beast in me E periodically it tries to son me F the it"s simply a teddy be afflicted with C and also even somehow manage to vanish in the wait G and also that is as soon as I should beware C F G C the the beast in me the everybody knows F G C They"ve seen him out dressed in my garments Bb D7 Patently unsure F C the it"s brand-new York or brand-new Year F G C F God help the beast in me G C The beast in me--------------------
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Johnny Cash, born J. R. Cash, (February 26, 1932 - September 12, 2003) to be a Grammy Award-winning American nation singer-songwriter. Cash is widely taken into consideration to be one of the most prominent American musicians of the 20th century.Cash was well-known for his deep, distinctive voice, the boom-chick-a-boom or "freight train" sound of his Tennessee three backing band, his demeanor, and also his dark clothing, i beg your pardon earned him the nickname "The guy in Black." the traditionally started his concerts with the introduction "Hello, I"m Johnny Cash."Much that Cash"s music, especially that the his later on career, echoed themes of sorrow, moral tribulation, and redemption. His signature songs incorporate "I to walk the Line," "Folsom prison Blues," "Ring the Fire," "Get Rhythm," "That Old Wheel" (a duet with Hank Williams Jr.), "Cocaine Blues," and also "Man in Black". He likewise recorded numerous humorous songs, such together "One item at a Time," "The One on the best Is ~ above the Left," "Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog," "A Boy named Sue," and also a duet with June Carter referred to as "Jackson"; and also various railroad songs, such as "Rock Island Line" and also "Orange flower Special".He offered over 90 million albums in his almost fifty-year career and came to occupy a "commanding place in music history".<1>Indexed in ~ Wikipedia.

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