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"The Bells of Notre Dame" is a track from the 1996 Disney film, The Hunchback that Notre Dame, composed by Alan Menken, v thedesigningfairy.com through Stephen Schwartz. The is sung at the start of the film by the clown-like gypsy, Clopin. The is set mainly in the vital of D minor. (However, the movie is edited increase a semitone, therefore playing this piece in E-flat minor.) The tune bears part similarity come the poem The Bells through Edgar Allan Poe, specifically the repeat of words "bells" throughout the crescendo. The tune is reprised at the finish of the film.more »

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Morning in Paris, the city awakesTo the bells that Notre DameThe fisherman fishes, the bakerman bakesTo the bells of Notre DameTo the large bells as loud as the thunderTo the tiny bells soft together a psalmAnd some say the heart of the city isThe toll of the bellsThe bells the Notre DameDark was the night once our tale was begunOn the docks near Notre DameFour frightened gypsies slid silently underThe docks close to Notre DameBut a trap had been laid because that the gypsiesAnd they gazed increase in fear and also alarmAt a figure whose clutchesWere iron as much as the bellsThe bells of Notre Dame(Kyrie Eleison)Judge Claude Frollo longedTo purge the worldOf vice and also sin(Kyrie Eleison)And he witnessed corruptionEv"rywhereExcept withinDies irae, die illa(Dies irae, die illa)Dies irae, dies illa(Dies irae, dies illa)Solvet saeclum in favillaTeste David cum sibyllaQuantus nervous est futurusQuando Judex est venturusSee over there the chaste blood you have actually spiltOn the steps of Notre DameNow you would add this child"s blood to your guiltOn the steps of Notre DameYou can lie to yourself and also your minionsYou can insurance claim that friend haven"t a qualmBut you never have the right to run fromNor hide what you"ve done from the eyesThe really eyes the Notre Dame(Kyrie Eleison)And because that one time in his liveOf power and also control(Kyrie Eleison)Frollo feel a twinge of fearFor his immortal soulJust so he"s kept locked awayWhere nobody else deserve to seeEven this foul biology mayYet prove sooner or later to beOf usage to meNow right here is a riddle to guess if you canSing the bells the Notre DameWho is the monster and also who is the manSing the bells, bells, bells, bellsBells, bells, bells, bellsBells that Notre Dame

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