Companies need stronger, faster, and also cheaper insights. Yet how deserve to an insight or marketing team divide their customer base up much more precisely to achieve this task?

Cue, sector segmentation research.

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Segmented personas will present your insights team with the strongest data. Behavior-based segmentation, especially, is significantly popular among researchers.

Let"s dive into these 5 types of market segmentation strategies her team deserve to use come unlock employee and consumer insights. In this sector segmentation guide, you"ll learn:

1. What is industry Segmentation?

2. Exactly how to command Segmentation Research

3. 5 types of market Segmentation & segmentation Examples

4. Typical Mistakes come Avoid

5. Types of market Segmentation Strategies

7. The State the AI in sector Research (eBook)

What space the Five types of market Segmentation?

The five varieties of industry segmentation include:

Behavioral SegmentationPsychographic SegmentationDemographic SegmentationGeographic SegmentationFirmographic Segmentation

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Behavioral Segmentation: A Customer’s Choices


Behavioral segment digs deeper right into customers" purchasing actions than demography segmentation. It’s additionally one the the most famous customer profile species to be incorporated into marketing campaigns. Behavior segmentation comprises habits patterns, like customer commitment or engagement level,specific to customer interactions v a brand or company.

Behavioral segmentation ExamplesBenefit(s) sought native product or organization Readiness come buy or purchaseUsage-based segmentationCommon characteristics

You deserve to use behavioral segmentation to acquire insights into customer experience, allowing for enhancements in customer success. Some questions to consider:

How involved are shoppers throughout the client journey?What certain trends in timing or occasion perform your customers have tendency to favor your products?How lot time space your client spending in the buyer’s process?How go your business define a "good customer?"

Behavioral segmentation is likewise used because that marketers to recognize future customer leads and prospects in the sector who are much more likely to acquisition your product.

Similar to psychographics, behavior segments room primarily gathered based top top a consumer’s digital footprint. Brand-new improvements in an innovation compile metadata from client to much better understand your preferences. Unused data can be sent to customer assistance or provided for marketing messages.

Psychographic Segmentation: A Customer’s Lifestyle


Psychographics is a type of customer segmentation that concentrates on within or qualitative traits. Psychographic qualities are the ones the aren’t evident just by spring at her customer, prefer demographic segmentation. Instead, psychographics needs deeper analysis.

Psychographic segment ExamplesHabitsHobbies, activities, or interestsValues or opinionsPersonality or attitudeLifestyleSocial status

By defining a customer persona this way, you will do it be more equipped come tailor her marketing strategies. And, you will do it appeal to client tastes.

Defining Brand Personality Traits v Psychographic Segmentation

You have the right to use psychographic segmentation to develop a “brand personality” or brand personification. In other words, the personality traits that your brand exemplifies.

For example, stop say her insights team discovers her customer basic purchases a new type of to run shoe every year. Your industry research team additionally knows that world interested in new running shoes value high energy and also independence.

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Then, you deserve to use that finding as a attribute in your brand style, i beg your pardon could assist sell other commodities related come fitness under those same traits. Because that example, her commercials can be fast-paced and emphasize the strength of the individual.

There room a couple of ways to collection demographics, including:

1. Interviewing present clients

Depending top top your connection with a customer, friend can an ext or less ask them directly about their customer habits. Some quantitative feedback questions might include:

How likely are you to purchase firm X’s sneaker again?If you choose Sneaker X, would certainly you try Hoodie Y from the exact same company?

If you running out of ideas, you might start looking right into some unusual areas to collect customer feedback. Or, girlfriend might begin by investigating potential groups of client you"re not right now interviewing or an ext broadly into customer trends.

When friend ask qualitative questions, you can discover meaningful insights about your customers. This questions may include:

What carry out you enjoy about running?Can friend walk me v your to run routine?

These concerns lead to additional insights into a customer’s lifestyle. These questions, especially when asked to larger teams of people, are commonly requested by producing a survey. However, online emphasis groups are becoming increasingly popular customer feedback tools, together well.

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2. Observing customer data

This kind of psychographic probe is an ext low-key and also becoming increasingly efficient with A.I. Advancement. For suppliers studying consumers, A.I. Solution have enabled for a deeper knowledge of customer insights.

Some questions to consider:

Where are your consumers on the internet?What niche marketing strategies deserve to you insanity into?

Analyzing her customer’s society media and digital actions will permit you to optimize her product marketing efforts – and probably add to your sector segmentation strategy, as well. An progressively popular example of this play methodis coming through the climb of voice technology.

Voice find is an important asset in psychographic segmentation. Customers use gadgets like Google home or Amazon’s Alexa to discuss personal preferences, interests, and other possibly sensitive data. Now, customer data is accessible for providers to sculpt customer profiles.

With this access to detailed customer details comes some pertains to over data privacy and also ethical corporate use. Some threats can include:

Data exploitationIdentity trackingVoice and facial recognition

Without consent and transparency, this data might easily make consumers much less inclined come share their details with brands, i m sorry in turn, renders it harder to generate brand loyalty. If provided responsibly, these innovations can produce a totally tailored customer marketplace, rate up efficiency, and also increase time come market.


Demographic Segmentation: A Customer’s Profile


Demographics space the break down of her customer personas in the market for cursory traits like age or gender. These traits offer straightforward information on her customers and also are often thought about one of the much more broad segment types. Examples of demography segmentation encompass age, income, family size, education, or gender.

Dive right into these segments to cut down on time and also resources to understand your target audience. Or tap into potential consumers that you have actually yet to reach. Demographics are generally less invasive to collection than other segmentation types.

Demographic segmentation ExamplesOccupationMarital statusPolitical party statusRaceReligionLiving status (if your topic is a homeowner or renter)

Geographic Segmentation: A Customer’s Home


Geographics are the examine of her customer based upon their physics location, which deserve to affect much more physical interactions in the market. Consumer grouped in similar areas might share comparable preferences. That’s why this kind of market segmentation is excellent to pair alongside much more abstract types, like behavioral.

Geographic segmentation ExamplesCityStateCountryPopulation densityEconomic statusZip CodeRegional climateHowever, geographic segmentation can additionally include geographic regions the aren’t technically defined, such together neighborhoods.

For example, take into consideration a agency that is heralding a lawn care organization that makes use of a subscription model. The agency would likely be more successful in targeting a suburban area where residents need extra garden care. The campaign would be much less successful in an metropolitan area, where consumersmight be much more interested in a food delivery service.

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Studying customer location can also help target search results in your prospect’s region.

Firmographic Segmentation: The Customer’s Company


You can use firmographics to define the characteristics of this firm or businesses. Firmographics room to firms and also investors as demographics room to people. Companies deserve to use this kind of segment to determine whether or not a smaller sized firm is apt because that an investment.

With millions of firms worldwide, businesses can use firmographics to recognize prospects based on size, scale, and funding. You deserve to also breakdown firms right into sections of:

Non-profitsBusinessesGovernmental entitiesAgenciesSmall-retail shopsIndependent contractors

Investing in a smaller firm or agency always comes with a risk. Therefore, investors have to be an exact in segmenting venture avenues to minimization that risk.

Segmentation variables for firms typically include things related to a smaller company’s potential. For example, prior to investing in a brand-new application, venture funding firms look at for firm strengths. This can include things prefer the vision the the executive team or the product’s target market.

Firmographic segment ExamplesPerformance and annual revenueAverage sales cycleSize and employee populationOwnership (public, private, government, etc.)Organizational trends

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Common segment Mistakes to Avoid

Once you’ve developed segments, keep an eye out for typical mistakes that marketers and also researchers make.

Making your segments too little or specializedSegments that are too little will it is in more challenging to organize or inaccurate, and also they have the right to distract from her objective. Choose sample size, an over-segmented team can productivity data the is not statistically or directionally significant.
Not enabling your segment to change
Stay concentrated on ROI. If her strategy no working efficiently for her business, it might be time to switch points around.

Ignoring brand-new potential personas
Customer profiles change. Shot not to obtain too fastened to her segments, together they will certainly evolve through the market.

Types of Marketing Segmentation methods

Targeting and also Positioning

Targeting and positioning room the next measures in the roadmap adhering to market segmentation. To advice the potential commercial value of a segment, use these methods to evaluate the complying with criteria:

Market Size. The market share for the segment need to be big enough to justify spend.Segment Differences. those different about each segment, and what is the value of those differences? Is one segment unique from the others?Profit vs. Spend. The segment must provide returns on investment from the initial spending plan allocated because that a project or project.Accessibility of Segment: Is the segment accessible to her team? If not, how deserve to your brand overcome the barriers to that segment?

After settling on a target segment, relocate on to product positioning, which gift the services of her product to the liked target segment. A simple means to evaluate your ideal positioning methods is come map lock out.


Follow these steps to produce a basic product placing map:

Define “hot buttons” or customer feedback trends about your product through surveys or emphasis groupsAsk her customers to rate challenger products based on that offered feedback criteriaPlace your product and also competitor products on a scatter plot and evaluate the gaps

Summing Up industry Segmentation

Whether that conducting an interview or creating a survey, the next phase of your research can sometimes it is in unclear.

When collecting massive amounts of sector segmentation data, keep the more extraordinary brand or marketing in mind. Quite than relying on one or two single strategies to characterize her customer segments, incorporate the efforts of lot of strategies. Because that researchers, this enables for acomplete view on target customers.

Marketing segmentation allows companies to define and optimize future products and advertising your product to consumer in the future.

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Don"t leaving your sector segmentation approximately a manual process. Optimize your customer insights v AI, making use of our free guide below.