You should adjust you’re passwords every for this reason often and you must not have actually you’re password that is soemthing that have the right to be found on you face book or any other please the someone might find easy

Tanner-UNF Corporation gained as a permanent investment $330 million the 5.0% bonds, date July 1, top top July 1, 2021. Company man and also Explanation:

The journal entries are presented below:-

1. Invest in bond Dr, $330 million

come Cash $300 million

to Discount on bond invest $30 million

(Being invest in link is recorded)

2. Cash Dr, $8.25 million ($330 million × 5% × 6 ÷ 12)

Discount on bond invest Dr, $0.75 million

To interest revenue $9 million ($300 million × 6% × 6 ÷ 12)

(Being recognition of shortcut interest and also discount is recorded)

3. The computation of investment is shown below:-

Investment = $300 million + $0.75 million

= $300.75 million

4. The journal entry is displayed below:-

Cash Dr, $290 million

Discount on link inventment Dr, $29.25 million

Loss on sale of invest Dr, $10.75 million

come inventment in link $330 million

(Being sale of invest is recorded)

Scottie adams bird provides issued 10% bonds, dated january 1, with a confront amount the $240,000 top top january 1, 2018. The bond matu
The is : $ 212,471.00 Given the components : PV of annuity early of $1: n = 20; ns = 6% is 12.15812PV of plain annuity of $1: n = 20; ns = 6% is 11.46992PV that $1: n = 20; i = 6% is 0.31180$12,000.00 × 11.46992* = $ 137,639.00 $240,000.00 × 0.31180** = 74,832.00 $137.639+$74,832.00 = $ 212,471.00 

The ABC company had its highest possible level of manufacturing in might when they produced 4,000 devices at a full cost the $110,000 and also its lo

Variable expense per unit = $15 every unit


given data

May produced = 4,000 units

May full cost = $110,000

November created = 2,500 units

November full cost = $87,500


we gain here Variable price per unit together per high-low an approach that is to express as

Variable cost per unit = (Highest expense - shortest cost) ÷ ( highest possible quantity developed - Lowest amount produced) ....................1

put below value and we will obtain

Variable price per unit =


Variable price per unit = $15 every unit

Kingbird, Inc. Has actually the adhering to inventory data: July 1 start inventory 34 units at $22 $748 7 purchases 120 systems at $23 27

The correct is C.

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Giving the complying with information:

July 1: start inventory 34 devices at $22

July 7: purchases 120 systems at $23

July 22: purchases 17 devices at $25

A physical counting of merchandise inventory on July 30 reveals the there room 55 systems on hand.

FIFO (first-in, first-out)

Inventory= 17*25 + 38*23= $1,299

Ea games is a video game breakthrough company. The creation of their video games need ideation, style and development before

The is the testing procedure is a far-ranging part in video game development. As it gives an overview of the query and also correction that needs to be done in order to make a game much more effective.

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The testing process is a an important part of game development. Together it gives an introduction of the trouble and alteration that needs to be done in order to make a game much more effective enjothedesigningfairy.comble error-free and productive. The difficulty arises as soon as the test department find a critical pest and cannot proceed additional until it has actually been fixed. This change could potentially impact the whole game and also the trial and error team has to completely redo every their testing which outcomes in an expansion in the relax date and adds to the production cost. The data system is a systematic and also organized method that will certainly definitely help ea sporting activities to organize and analyze the data in a better way. It will certainly make the communication process much more effective and will prove to be a boon for the company. To reduce the cost and saving time.