Do I have actually nothing good left come say? carry out I require whiskey to start fueling mine complaints? people love come drink their troubles away. Occasionally I feel the I"d be much better off that way.

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"Cause possibly then I can sleep at night. I wouldn"t lie awake until the morning light. This is something the I"ll never ever control. My nerves will be the fatality of me, i know. Ns know, ns know. so here"s to living life miserable. And also here"s to every the lonely stories that I"ve told. Probably drinking wine will certainly validate mine sorrow. Every man needs a muse and mine could be the bottle.
maybe then I can sleep in ~ night. Ns wouldn"t lied awake until the morning light. This is something the I"ll never control. Mine nerves will be the death of me, ns know. Finally, I might hope for a much better day. No longer holding ~ above to all the things that cloud mine mind. Probably then the weight of the human being wouldn"t seem therefore heavy. However then again I"ll probably always feel this way.
At the very least I know I"ll never ever sleep at night. (Sleep in ~ night) I"ll always lie awake until the morning light. (Til the morning light) This is something the I"ll never ever control. My nerves will certainly be the death of me. My nerves will certainly be the death of me. mine nerves will certainly be the death of me, i know.




Me too. Couldn"t endure the first few times. And also now a few years later and nothing"s changed. Here"s to gift you. Fucked up together it is. Cheers


i can"t relate to this song, but i can. Ns don"t relate come the whisky part, but i relate to feeling small. I am a nervous wreck that gets upset end the the smallest of things, and also i can"t aid but feeling miserable about anything. I used to be so upbeat, but now i"m for this reason pessimistic. I continue to be up thinking around how everyone ns love is going come die, and also i can"t take care of it, and also i"m afraid that this emotion will never ever go away.

I"m no depressed it sad or edgy or taking care of emotional problems. I"m actually fairly happy and also enjoy life. This is simply really fucking great music lol

When I"m a fucking mess ns listen to this and also I don"t feel so bad. It helps accept the shit that"s happening.Girls do my head in...

Dallas is together an exceptional songwriter. This tune specifically touches my soul every solitary time ns hear it. It feel together though the was composed for me however I am certain there room so many others right here who deserve to relate to the song. Gift an alcohol addict myself and also someone who faces anxiety ns know how lonely it deserve to be to be drinking every one of your troubles away and/or to no being able come sleep fine at night cos your mind is for this reason fulled up v thoughts and memories from the past. The worst component is once you begin drinking and it is every gone temporarily and once you"re sober the hits earlier twice as hard. To all of you who is or have actually gone with the very same I am sending you every my love and also positivity. You"re not alone. Have actually a beautiful day!

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Johnny de Andrade give thanks to u. Very same for me yet just weed instead. Access time harder when the following day once I"m no high. Thank u ur no alone at all !

My brother in legislation is a Christian, he told me this is a stupid song and then deleted me off on facebook for posting it. Lol isn"t the Fucked