Mind her play time to avoid game addiction. You will certainly be charged for extra fees for some contents or solutions of the game. Not accessible for world under the period of 18.

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Tom Clancy"s The department Season pass grants you access to every three significant expansions end the food of a year, range of exclusive gear and day 1 customization options, and also special services each month simply for Season happen owners—all in ~ one an excellent price.



Dive right into the underbelly of brand-new York to conserve what stays in Underground, the very first expansion because that Tom Clancy’s The Division.


In Expansion III: critical Stand, suffer the Dark Zone in a brand-new way, through a new game mode with up to 16 players. Join forces to capture and hold tactical locations. Experience a new Incursion “Stolen Signal”, get brand-new gear, weapons and also more!

In the first expansion Underground, descend in the underbelly of new York to save what remains. Deadly enemies are regrouping in the unlimited maze the tunnels and also subways that the underground. Just how deep will certainly your team go?

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In the second expansion Survival, will certainly you find enough important supplies throughout new York come survive and also secure high technology equipment… Or will you succumb favor so countless others come the temptation to rotate Rogue?

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In development III: last Stand, endure the Dark Zone in a new way, through a brand-new game mode with up to 16 players. Join forces to capture and hold tactical locations. Suffer a new Incursion “Stolen Signal”, get brand-new gear, weapons and more!

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Tom Clancy’s The department Season pass grants access to the 3 paid expansions. Each growth builds ~ above The Division, proceeding your agent’s journey and progress with brand-new content, gear and also gameplay as you fight to take it back new York.


Expansion I: UndergroundDive right into the underbelly of brand-new York to save what stays in Underground, the first expansion for Tom Clancy’s The Division. Discover the randomly generated mazes that subways, tunnels and sewers come fight fatal enemies and also recover an effective loot. Experience an all-new incursion and also find the recent weapons, gear and more.

Expansion II: SurvivalDuring the disastrous pandemic that adhered to Black Friday, rumors the a cure begin to circulate as a snow storm approaches new York. Sent out to recover the potential antidote from the Dark Zone, her chopper is carried down by the intensifying weather before reaching its destination. Vulnerable, stripped of every gear, wounded, and freezing come death, you have to search because that the cure in this unforgiving conditions and also find a means to extract it from the chaos. Our survival counts on it.

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Expansion III: last StandWhen the situation in the Dark ar spiraled out of control, the joint Task pressure had no an option but to retract from the area. In the chaos of the withdrawal, castle left behind vital SHD tech data and also operational details in the type of tactical terminals. Now, rogue agents are closing in on those data relays. If they obtain their hand on the data, the Division’s mission to take back new York will be dramatically compromised. It’s your job, in addition to a team of seven other department agents, to stop that indigenous happening.


The exclude, Sawn-off Shotgun

A set of exclude, Outfits and also Weapon Skins

Access to one-of-a-kind monthly Drops and also Events