Join the hilarious and also cheeky Graham Norton together he hosts Dame Judi Dench, teacher Kenneth Branagh, Anthony Joshua, Greg Davies, Noomi Rapace and also Claire Richards.

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The Graham Norton display was broadcast on Network 10 at Sunday 2 august 2020, 03:35.


The Graham Norton present is a brothers comedy chat present written for television set at the London Studios, which are also referred to periodically as the South financial institution Studios. The present is gift by BAFTA TV Award-winning irish comedian and also media personality Graham Norton (When will I it is in Famous, totally Saturday). Over the year The Graham Norton display has invited a seemingly countless stream that celebrities and media personalities from the joined Kingdom and also all end the world. These incorporate American superstar actor Tom Cruise (Mission Impossible, height Gun), British tour de France-winner Bradley Wiggins and American gibbs Matt Damon (The Bourne Identity, Ocean"s Eleven).

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