Assignment Two- medieval Music Music 1010 Name__________________________ 1.The phrase Middle eras refers come the duration of European background spanning A. 450-1000 C. 1000-1150 B. 1150-1450 D. 450-14502.In the middle Ages, most vital musicians to be A. Priests C. Traveling entertainers B. Peasants D. Women3.A virtual monopoly on learning throughout the Middle ages was held by A. Knights in castles C. Professors in universities B. Monks in monasteries D. Hike minstrels or jongleurs4.During the center Ages, females A. To be not allowed to song in church B. Could sing only in monasteries5.6.C. Sang at every church solutions D. Were not permitted to get involved in churchservices What us know around instruments in church comes greatly fro A. The pictures and also literary descriptions of the work B. Surviving musical manuscripts C. The job-related of Pope Gregory the an excellent D. The job-related of Hildegard the Bingen Most medieval music was A. Important B. Because that the pianoC. Vocal D. Because that the organ7.We understand from painting and also literary explanation of the Middle eras that A. Tools were supplied C. Trumpets and trombones were influential B. Instruments were seldom provided D. Big orchestras existed8.The music the medieval monks sang was called A. Modern gospel C. Gregorian singing B. Estampies D. Trouvere songs9.Gregorian hymn A. Is set to sacred Latin messages B. Maintained some elements of the Jewish synagogue the the an initial centuries after ~ Christ. C. To be the main music of the roman inn Catholic church for much more than 1,000 years D. All answers space correct10.Gregorian chant A. Is monophonic in texture B. Is homophonic in texture11.Gregorian chant is composed of A. On instrument playing along B. Numerous voices singing in harmonyC. Is polyphonic in texture D. Has actually no textureC. Melody sung there is no accompaniment D. Several tools playing together12.Gregorian singing melodies often tend to relocate A. Through leaps end a wide range of pitches B. Just by perfect intervalsC. Stepwise within a narrow variety of pitches D. Infrequently, staying on a single tone for lengthy stretches13.Pope Gregory the an excellent A. Composed all of the Gregorian chants B. Published every one of the Gregorian chants C. Reorganized the Catholic Church liturgy during his power from 590 come 604 D. Every answers room correct14.The highlight of the day for monks and nuns was A. The service prior to sunrise C. The service after sunset B. The night feast D. The mass15.The earliest enduring chant manuscripts date from around the ______ century. A. Sixth C. Ninth B. Thirteenth D. Fourteenth16.Hildegard the Bingen was A. The very first woman composer to leave a huge number of works that have survived B. Abbess that the convent at Rupertsberg C. A visionary and mystic energetic in spiritual and diplomatic work D. All answers are correct17.Trouvere songs of the Middle eras dealt with all of the adhering to subjects except A. Love C. Dance B. The crusades D. Religion18. WereThe middle ages jongleurs, important sources of details in a time when there were no newspapers, A. Ranked top top a high society level B. Equal in location to troubadours & trouveresC. Top top the lowest social level D. Invited by the aristocracy as distinguished guests19.One duty of secular music in the so late Middle periods was to carry out accompaniment for A. Abbeys C. Church solutions B. To dance D. Monks and nuns20.An estampie is a medieval A. Run B. Secular tune formC. Stringed tool D. Song of worship21.Which that the complying with statements is no true that the middle ages estampie? A. It is among the earliest enduring pieces of critical music. B. It was intended for religious services C. The manuscript contains only a solitary melodic line. D. The manuscript walk not indicate which instrument have to play the melody.22.The first steps towards the advancement of polyphony to be taken sometime in between 700 and also 900, when A. Musician composed new music to accompany dancing B. The French nobles started to sing hunting songs together C. Monks in monastery choirs started to include a second melodic line to Gregorian chant. D. All answers space correct.23.______________ is a term used to medieval music that is composed of Gregorian chant and also one or an ext additional melodic lines. A. Alleluia C. Organum B. Jongleurs D. Ostinato24.The center of polyphonic music in Europe after 1150 remained in A. Paris C. Rome B. Reims D. London25.One that the major characteristics of ars nova music is its use of A. Syncopation C. Organum B. Gregorian chant D. Monophonic texture26.Secular music in the fourteenth century A. Became more important than sacred music B. To be not based upon Gregorian chant C. Consisted of drinking songs and also pieces in i beg your pardon bird calls, dog barks, and also hunting shout to be imitated D. All answers space correct27.An exceptional composers the the ars nova was A. Guillaume de Machaut B. LeoninC. Perotin D. Pope Gregory I28.Which that the adhering to is not a part of the massive ordinary? A. Ave Maria C. Gloria B. Kyrie D. Credo29.The term ars nova describes A. Italian and also French music of the fourteenth century. B. German music the the sixteenth century C.

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