Rodgers and also Hammerstein’s standard musical The King and also I is just one of my favourite Broadway musicals. The story is based in component on the memoirs that Anna Leonowens, a widow who served as a governess come the children of King Mongkut that Siam (now Thailand) in the at an early stage 1860s. The 1951 musical was adjusted into a movie in 1956, both certification Yul Brynner as the titular King (he’s one of my favourite characters).

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The King and also I has numerous wonderful music moments; one of my favourite is “The in march of the Siamese Children” i m sorry takes place fairly early in the story. Anna (Deborah Kerr) is upset that she have to stay in the royal palace next to the harem (instead of in a small house of her very own as she’d been promised) and also is top top the verge of return to England right away. However, before she goes, the King insists that Anna fulfill his children first. If she still desires to leave after conference them, he won’t avoid her.

The in march then starts with youngsters being led in one through one by your nurses. Each kid comes forward, bows to your father, greets Anna by poignant their forehead to she hands and then backs far to sit with the imperial wives (their particular mothers).

The music is a beautiful theme and also variations that repeats over and over, altering slightly for details children. The many notable readjust is when Crown Prince Chulalongkorn, the King’s heritage marches in; the music here changes to a stirring brass fanfare as befits the heir come the throne. Unequal the various other children, Chulalongkorn and also the King bow to each other and also Anna is told to curtsy come the Crown Prince.

There are some other humorous moments, several of my favorites being:

The twins: The 2 boys (not surprisingly) room dressed identically and also the King seems quite pleased with them.The forgetful princess: among the younger daughters accidentally transforms her back on her father and when he reminds her with a mock gasp of shock/horror, she quickly turns roughly with a look at of surprise (the King isn’t all the angry through her, together she is tho young)The curious prince: one prince comes the end looking an extremely curiously at Anna the entire time and it easily becomes clear why: he’s never ever seen someone with Anna’s vast skirts before. He’s curious come see precisely what’s under there…but the King quickly stops the idea.“I desire a hug!”: One daughter forgets whereby she is and also runs to the King because that a hug, only to be quit with a stern look. Once the dejected princess starts to ago away, she is reassured through the King v a warmth smile (which she returns).The littlest princess: probably the most adorable minute comes at the very end as soon as the youngest daughter come out. She is so small that the King doesn’t check out her until she tugs ~ above his trousers leg for attention. He then guides her through what she requirements to carry out (it’s adorable!)

Once every the youngsters are assembled, Anna realizes she can’t maybe leave them to return to England (which is what the King thought would happen) and she agrees to continue to be after all, to the happiness of the imperial children.

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“The march of the Siamese Children” is a delightful moment from a exorbitant film and I hope you gain it.