Rocks and also minerals play a very important duty in our lives. Can you imagine contemporary life without minerals ?

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by TomCruise
Emulous of reputation (first)
Near a lock without a moat, a well-known queen was captured and also held hostage through a dark and an effective enemy force. Number of of her faithful servants make the efforts to break through foe lines to cost-free her, however most of them to be eliminated during battle. However, one of her servants had the ability to break v the enemy’s defenses to complimentary the queen—at the cost of his very own life; however he knew he could never go back once he had started. Have the right to anyone determine this famous queen and also the lowly servant that performed the greatest sacrifice to conserve her?
by BerriesEmulous of fame Grand
Two friends, native a an extremely cold city in Minnesota, each had unusual life an abilities which assisted them in their adventures together. The an initial of the friends to be a tall, lanky individual who, in ~ times, possessed almost super-human strength, had actually the capacity to remember everything he ever ate, and also could accurately estimate the weather by reading a bunion ~ above his foot --- yet he wasn"t known for being very intelligent. The second of the friends, known for his higher intellect, do a the majority of short, solo flights, but he never obtained his pilot"s license. He usually wore a pair that aviation goggles on height of his head. Their arch opponents were two Russian-like spies that doggedly pursued them, and also these spies to be led through a man without fear. Can you surname the two friends indigenous this very cold Minnesota town?
by BerriesEmulous of reputation Grand
I look at peaceful and also lovely without, however dangerous and harmful within; The paris come around me, for i am colorful and also beautiful; however none dares to touch me; because that if any kind of does touch me, ns make an finish of life for such; for I"ll will feed ~ above it. What am I?
by BerriesEmulous of call Grand
Not only am I an effective enough to hurt choose no other, I likewise have the strength to heal prefer no other, but as with everything else, I have the right to break. Life would certainly be impossible without me, yet it"s currently near difficult to discover me. What am I?
by BerriesEmulous of reputation Grand
If you have actually it you have the right to have a happy life. That is invisible. That flows between people like an energy. Friend might contact it a commodity. There is no it, you quickly discover enemies. It can"t be bought. What is it?

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