“The man Who Was practically a Man” is one initiation story, a tale of a teenage youth struggling to break complimentary of childhood and also enter the world of adulthood. Irritable by being young, poor, and black, David Glover wrestles through the stress of wanting to be an adult yet being viewed as a son by the adult community. In David’s case, the action that the takes to obtain manhood just reinforces his elders’ beliefs that that is quiet an adolescent.

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once the story opens, David is thinking around his pursuit for manhood, which that connects v owning a gun. Since he is “almos a man,” the believes the he need to own the price of manhood: a gun. Borrowing a mail-order directory from a neighborhood store owner so the he have the right to look in ~ the pictures of revolvers, David becomes obsessed through thoughts that guns, ending up being a man, and, most important, the strategy that he should use to persuade his mother that that should be able to buy a gun.

Employing every the usual maneuvers of a boy who knows how to manipulate his mother—David knows the he should work top top her and also not his father—he begins by slipping his arm roughly her waist and telling her exactly how much that loves her. This strategies breakdown her early stage resistance come the idea, and when David proposes the the total be offered to his father, she relents, informing the young that he may purchase the gun however that the must carry it ago immediately and also give the to she to turn over come Mr. Glover.

Elated through his victory, David buys the pistol for 2 dollars yet delays his return home until after ~ dark and also after the family is in bed. That method he is maybe to save the gun, put it under his pillow the night, and also take it through him once he pipeline to work on Jim Hawkins’s plantation early the following morning. He arrives at work, hitches the mule, Jenny, to a plow, and also starts across the fields, delighted the he will be able to get far sufficient away from the other laborers so that he can shoot the gun there is no anyone hearing.

informing himself the he is not afraid, that shoots the gun and also is virtually knocked off his feet through the power of the weapon. The is angry at the revolver because that its deafening noise and its violence, which virtually tears his appropriate hand native his arm. He kicks the gun, then looks over at Jenny, that is tossing she head and moving wildly. As soon as he comes end to her, David discovers the he has shot her, not intentionally however nevertheless fatally. He leaves the mule, make the efforts to decision what type of lie he have the right to tell to defend himself from the fact that, in a disobedient act, he has murdered Jenny.

His lie does not convince anyone. Jim Hawkins, the townspeople, his mother—all understand that the story David tells of Jenny’s falling...

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