The conus medullaris anchors the spinal cord to the coccygeal ligament via a strand of fibrous tissue called the a. Meningeal ligamentb. Denticulate ligamentc. Dura materd. Spinal ligamente. Filum terminale

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The neural "wiring" of a singel reflex is dubbed a(n)a. Tractb. Ganglionc. Reflex arcd. Anuse. Circuit
Nerve tracts or fasciculi consist of the a. White columnsb. Central canalc. Gray commissuresd. Posterior gray hornse. Anterior gray horns
All the the adhering to are true the neural reflexes except that theya. Room automatic motor responsesb. Can not be modified by the brainc. Space the simplest kind of behaviorsd. Involve at least two neurons.e. Assist preserve homeostasis
The most facility spinal reflexes are called a. Intersegmental reflex arcsb. Spinal plexusc. Dermatomesd. Collateral reflex arcse. Ipsilateral reflex arcs
The preganglionic fibers that connect a spinal nerve through an autonomic ganglion in the thoracic and also lumbar an ar of the spinal cord and carries visceral engine fibers that room myelinated indigenous the a. Posterior ramusb. Gray rami communicantesc. White rami communicantesd. Anterior ramuse. Dermatomes
Enlarged area of the spinal cord indigenous which nerves come the shoulder and upper limbs arise.a. Thoracic regionb. Lumbar enlargement c. Conus medullarisd. Cervical enlargemente. Sacral region
The anterior source of the spinal nerve containsa. Cell bodies of motor neuronsb. Interneuronsc. Axons and motor neuronsd. Cell bodies of sensory neuronse. Axons the sensory neurons
The devoted membranes the surround the spinal cord room termed the a. Cranial meningesb. Spinal materc. Epidural membranesd. Cranial matere. Spinal meninges
Axons cross from one side of the spinal cord to the other within the gray issue are found in thea. Gray commissuresb. Anterior gray hornsc. Lateral gray hornsd. White commissurese. Posterior gray horns
You room sitting at a mexican restaurant waiting for her food, The waiter bring a really hot plate, informing you to be careful around touching it. Friend touch the anyway, creating a pain sensation in her fingers, a tap the money or your hand, and also an listening comment of what you space thinking. This scenario represents a _________ neuronal circuit.a. Parallel processingb. Serial processingc. Reverberatingd. Convergente. Divergent
Which the the complying with is not true around a hopeful reflex? a. Clinicians test this when a peripheral nerve injury is suspectedb. Abnormal in adultsc. Authorize of injury to descending spinal tractsd. Flaring of the toes when the single is i stopped e. Regular in newborns
Muscles the the neck and shoulder space innervated through spinal nerves from the _________ region. A. Cervicalb. Coccygealc. Llumbard. Sacrale. Thoracic
The complex, interwoven network created by contribute from the anterior rami of neighboring spinal nerves is termed a(n)a. Dermatomeb. Plexusc. Autonomic nerved. Lateral nervee. Tract
The condition in which a person loses every feeling and movement that the arms and also legs due to spinal cord injury is termeda. Quadriplegiab. Spinal shockc. Paraplegiad. Spinal transectione. Hemiplegia
The reflex that avoids a muscle native exerting too lot tension is the _______ reflexa. Tendonb. Reciprocalc. Crossed extensord. Flexore. Stretch
Which the the following is no a means that reflexes space classified?a. Spinal/cranialb. Innate/acquiredc. Monosynaptic/polsynapticd. Somatic/viscerale. Sympathetic/ parasympathetic
The posterior source of a spinal nerve containsa. Axons of sensory neuronsb. Cabinet bodies of sensory neuronsc. Cell bodies of engine neuronsd. Interneuronse. Axons of engine neurons
The _______ nerve, which occurs in the cervical plexus, innervates the diaphragm. A. Supraclavicularsb. Lesser occipitalc. Ansa cervicalisd. Thoracic e. Phrenic
During the procedure known as a(n) _______, a needle is inserted into the subarachnoid an are in the inferior lumbar region. A. Lumbar punctureb. Laminectomyc. Encephalomyelogram d. Thoracic tape. Myelography
The ______ innervated the ventrolateral human body surface, structures in the human body wall, and the limbs. A. Posterior ramib. Anterior ramic. Dermatomesd. White rami communicantese. Gray rami communicantes


Hole"s Essentials of human being Anatomy & Physiology12th EditionDavid N. Shier, Jackie L. Butler, Ricki Lewis


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