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The "religion vs modern-day medicine" conflict is a hot-button topic and one that medical shows love to tackle. 

In fact, Grey"s Anatomy Season 13 illustration 22 just recently did a similar storyline regarding a kid with a brain tumor. 

The Night change put its very own spin on that though. Most of the time as soon as we view this dispute on TV, the patience is handling something life threatening, as with the child on Grey"s. 

Tina wasn"t dying when she pertained to SAM, but she merely couldn"t live v the horrific tumor on her face anymore. 

It is tough to imagine what she must have had to address on a day to day basis, particularly as a teenager in high college where children can be incredibly cruel. 

So, once Scott and Paul offered her the unbelievable news the they can remove the tumor, for a few seconds, it was the happiest minute of her life. 

All of the is why it"s not hard to understand why Tina made such a disastrous split second decision. 


If she had actually taken a moment to think and procedure the situation, possibly she would have been able to convince herself that she can live through this problem for two much more years, until she turned 18. 

She"d already survived as lengthy as she had with it, what"s two an ext years in the grand system of things? 

But as soon as she took the scalpel to she face, she had actually no idea exactly how close she would come to actually death herself. 

If she had actually died, it would have been very tragic. 

But, thanks to Scott"s determination and refusal to provide up, she lived. 

To be honest, it was a small hokey. She was down for 61 minutes after all. At least Scott has his mojo earlier now. 

It was crazy the her grandfather was tho trying to refuse the transfusions also after he witnessed so lot of she blood pour out onto the floor of the ER. There was no means she to be going come live without it. Luckily by that point, the decision had actually been taken the end of his hands. 


There to be less emphasis on TC and also Syria, as most of the activity stayed in san Antonio, however he still had actually time to butt heads with and also then save a soldier top top the battlefield. 

We knew there"d be results to his actions native The Night transition Season 4 episode 3 and doing everything it take it to conserve that boy, but if that"s every it was, then it was definitely worth it. 

The rescue mission to be a complete success, and the hurt soldier survived, therefore it was a win-win for everybody. 

Of course, there was that whole suspicious minute where Amira was plainly sneaking part pills. It"s only a issue of time till it"s revealed she"s addicted come painkillers or something. 

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It looks prefer we"ll it is in seeing an ext of Mac approximately the hospital.

Jordan: execute you want a job? Mac: pretty segue. Yeah, just how "bout tight end for the Bears?Jordan: lock could entirely use one, however actually i was thinking around here, at SAM.

I prefer the idea of him difficult around and leading one outreach regime for vets, however his cancer situation pretty much method we"re in for a tragic ending, barring an additional Tina-esqe miracle. 

After two significant deaths already, we are better off not getting too attached to Mac if us can help it. 

Speaking of, it to be odd there was no mention of Annie. Who leaping native a bridge would most likely be pretty large news, so it"s unlikely no one has heard around it. 

I had wondered if her fatality was component of the factor Scott couldn"t allow Tina go, but nope, it"s as if it never ever happened. 

As for Drew"s patient...

Wow, do civilization really fake illnesses simply to rate customer service at hospitals? That"s ridiculous. Can"t they get actual sick civilization to create a review? 

Drew"s method of managing the instance was priceless. That guy deserved the scare drew gave him. 

Everything after that though was just weird. First of all, attracted needs to password protect his phone. 

Second the all. I don"t care if his intentions to be good, that was a major invasion that privacy. He"s lucky a very irritable and sleep deprived attracted didn"t punch him in the face.