around Now that We found Love

"Now the We uncovered Love" (also known as "Now the We"ve found Love") is a tune written by Kenneth Gamble and also Leon Huff and originally tape-recorded by The O"Jays for your album ship Ahoy (1973). Covering versions have been one album track by Martha Reeves (1976), a reggae-disco struggle by the reggae band third World (1978) and also a breakthrough struggle for heavy D & the Boyz (1991). The 3rd World variation was released together a single in 1978 by Island Records and also peaked at number 10 in the UK and #47 top top the Billboard hot 100. hefty D"s version of the song deserve to be heard during the finish of the movie Hitch, and also at the end of the episode "Black Cadillac" (Season 1, illustration 4) from the TV series Ray Donovan.more »

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Yeah (Now the we uncovered love what are we gonna do) (with it) (Now that we found love what room we gonna do) (with it)(Now) One two, tell me what friend gotLet me on slide my quarters inside her slot come hit the jackpotRev me up rev me upMy small buttercupWe deserve to tug sheets cuddling up and also get stuckBelieve that or notHere come the brother through glowA strugglin", bubblin" overweight lover pains proneSo what"s that gonna beMe or the TVNow allow me take it time to set your mind and also your human body free(Now) therefore why don"t you just stretchStretch for a secPlayed ??? so I might cop a fast recShake me, shiver meBaby baby bake meNo must fake right here I amCome on and take meWind her bodyBaby relocate your bodyI watch you slip slidingCome on now do that hottieI"m not rather sure regarding what is going downBut I"m feeling Hunky Dory"bout this point that ns found(Now that we found love what room we gonna do with it)(Now that we found love what are we gonna dowith it) (Now) I dig the way you wiggleYou don"t jiggleOnce friend jiggleSo hand over her loveCause it"s heavierThan it"llMove her choose a movershe want to groove so i grooved herthen she wanted to discover so us did schooland i schooled her(Now)But not choose thisWe deserve to waltz and also turnRumble tumble and also twistThen friend think you gonna provide inPhantasies relivin"So place down and relax(now) Lover mine ladyLady love the my baby girlSpread your wingsSo we have the right to fly around the worldHarmony, charm of meYour fingertips space callin meWhen friend drop me kissesYou"re for this reason cute friend drop the bomb top top me(Now) stretch it, stretch itFlex it, flex itGimme the permissionOkey, dokeyI"ll bless yaBlessin" like buddhaBuddha together the blessYou have the right to lay down on the LoverPut her head on mine chest (Now that we uncovered love what are we gonna do) uh, yes (with it) uh(Now that we uncovered love what room we gonna do) (with it) TR, obtain em up one time(Now) Uh, store it funkyyeah like this(Now) Uh, below we go(Now) What deserve to we doWhat are we gonna doRoses room red and also Violets room blueLove is good and plentyIf you obtain plenty an excellent lovin"Kiss you wherein you�re hotto what I got to keep you bubblin(Now) do me rightDo me rightMy lonesome doveTell me one an ext timeWhat is this thing referred to as loveI"m not quite sureAs come what is going downBut I"m feelin" Hunkey Dory"Bout this thing that I found (Now the we) (found lovewhat space we gonna do) phone call me(with it) Teddy Riley in the house(Now that we discovered love) c�mon, c�mon (what space we gonna do)G Wiz, DJ NF (with it) let�s flex(Now that we uncovered love) c�mon, c�mon (what are we gonna do)yeah (with it) and also you don�t stop, store it on(Now that we found love) c�mon, c�mon (what room we gonna do) yeah (with it) yes c�monoh yeah, uh� shake the shake it(Now) oh yeah, uh shiver it, shower itUh (Now the we found love what room we gonna do) here we go(with it) save it funky for me (Now that we uncovered love) placed your hand together, c�mon(what are we gonna do) uh, uh (with it) lug it back one time(Now) every up in moneymy furnish was decadesyou hear what I�m sayinOakland, Bronx, Queens, Manhattanthe whole new York CityI claimed I love you to deathAnd you don�t stopAnd friend don�t quityou obtained keep that on come the dive dipdo it like thisAnd girlfriend don�t stopAnd you don�t quityou obtained keep that on and also on and also on and on(Now) Uh yeah yeah aye aye, ha haHuh, oh yeah(Now the we found love what room we gonna do with it)

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The O"Jays The O"Jays are an American R&B team from Canton, Ohio, created in 1958 and originally consists of Eddie Levert (born June 16, 1942), Walter Williams (born august 25, 1943), william Powell (January 20, 1942 – might 26, 1977), Bobby Massey and also Bill Isles. The O"Jays do their very first chart appearance with "Lonely Drifter" in 1963, however reached their best level of success once Gamble & Huff, a team the producers and songwriters, signed lock to their Philadelphia international label in 1972. V Gamble & Huff, the O"Jays (now a trio after the departure of Isles and Massey) arised at the forefront of Philadelphia heart with "Back Stabbers" (1972), and also topped the Billboard hot 100 the adhering to year v "Love Train". Countless other hits followed thro… much more »

Written by: Kenneth Gamble, Leon A. Huff, Dwight Myers, LEON HUFF, KENNY GAMBLE