The primary force encouraging the entry of brand-new firms into a completely competitive sector is:

economic revenues earned by firms currently in the industry

In a completely competitive industry

there might be economic profits in the short run, yet not in the long run.

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Suppose a certain in a completely competitive sector discovers the the price that its product is over its minimum AVC allude but everywhere below ATC. Provided this, the firm:

should proceed producing in the brief run, yet leave the market in the lengthy run if the situation persists.

Which of the adhering to is true concerning purely competitive industries?

In the short run, firms might incur economic losses or earn financial profits, yet in the long run castle earn regular profits.

If a completely competitive for sure is creating at the grandfather = MC output level and earning an economic profit, then:

new that company will go into this market

Long-run vain equilibrium:

results in zero financial profits

We would intend an sector to broaden if firms in that industry are

earning economic profits

Which the the complying with statements is correct? A. Economic profits induce that company to go into an industry; accident encourage firms to leave. B. Financial profits induce this firm to leave an industry; profits encourage firms to leave. C. Economic profits and also losses have actually no far-reaching impact on the development or decrease of an industry. D. Normal earnings will cause an industry to expand.


Suppose a completely competitive, increasing-cost sector is in long-run equilibrium. Currently assume that a to decrease in consumer demand occurs. After all resulting adjustments have been completed, the new equilibrium price

and industry output will be much less than the early price and output

Which the the adhering to statements is correct? A. The long-run it is provided curve because that a purely competitive increasing-cost industry will it is in upsloping. B. The long-run it is provided curve for a purely competitive increasing-cost market will be perfectly elastic. C. The long-run supply curve because that a completely competitive market will be much less elastic 보다 the industry’s short-run it is provided curve. D. The long-run supply curve for a purely competitive decreasing-cost market will it is in upsloping


A constant-cost industry is one in which

if 100 units have the right to be developed for $100, climate 150 deserve to be created for $150, 200 for $200, and so forth.

Assume a completely competitive increasing-cost market is originally in long-run equilibrium and also that boost in customer demand occurs. ~ all financial adjustments have actually been perfect product price will be:

higher and also total output will certainly be bigger than originally

Assume a completely competitive, increasing-cost market is in long-run equilibrium. If a decline in demand occurs, firms will:

leave the industry and also price and also output will both decline

A completely competitive firm

cannot earn economic profit in the long run

A constant-cost market is one in which:

resource prices remain unchanged as output is increased.

An increasing-cost market is linked with

an upsloping long-run supply curve

An increasing-cost sector is the an outcome of:

higher resource prices which take place as the sector expands

A completely competitive certain is creates from making economic profit in the lengthy run because:

of unimpeded entry come the industry

If a purely competitive constant-cost industry is realizing economic profits, we can expect market supply to:

increase, calculation to increase, price to decrease, and profits to decrease

A decreasing-cost industry is one in which:

input prices loss or modern technology improves as the sector expands

When LCD televisions very first came on the market, they marketed for at the very least $1,000, and also some for much more. Now countless units deserve to be purchased because that under $400. This facts indicate that:

the LCD television industry is a decreasing-cost industry.

Suppose that an industry’s long-run it is provided curve is downsloping. This argues that:

it is a decreasing-cost industry.

Suppose an increase in product demand occurs in a decreasing-cost industry. Together a result:

the brand-new long-run equilibrium price will certainly be reduced than the initial long-run equilibrium price.

The mr = MC rule applies:

in both the short run and also the long run.

If the long-run it is provided curve of a purely competitive sector slopes upward, this suggests that the prices of relevant resources:

rise as the sector expands.

Allocative efficiency is completed when the production of a good occurs where:

P = MC

Resources are effectively allocated as soon as production occurs where

price is equal to marginal cost.

The hatchet productive performance refers to:

the production of a good at the shortest average full cost.

If the price the product Y is $25 and its marginal price is $18:

resources are being underallocated to Y.

The term allocative performance refers to:

the production of the product-mix most preferred by consumers.

Under pure vain in the lengthy run:

both allocative efficiency and also productive effectiveness are achieved.

If for a firm ns = minimum ATC = MC, then:

both allocative efficiency and productive efficiency are gift achieved.

Which the the following conditions is true because that a completely competitive for sure in long-run equilibrium

P = MC = minimum ATC.

Entrepreneurs in purely competitive industries

innovate to lower operating costs and also generate short-run economic profits

Innovations that reduced production prices or create brand-new products

often create short-run economic profits that perform not last right into the long run.

The procedure by which new firms and brand-new products replace existing dominant firms and also products is called:

creative destruction

Creative destruction is

the procedure by which new firms and brand-new products replace existing leading firms and products.

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Patents space most likely to infringe ~ above innovation

for commodities that incorporate countless different technologies into a solitary product.