Season 2 illustration 1 - Who"s Hungry

Seven brand-new artists prepare because that a 10-week rapper boot camp where they complete for a contract with So for this reason Def; guests Snoop Dogg, Timbaland and Da Brat lend your expertise. Air day : 22nd-Jul-2016Read More

Season 2 illustration 2 - Rep your City

The 5 rappers write about their city; 2 parents come head to head; one young rapper struggles; guests Nelly and also Monica. Air date : 29th-Jul-2016Read More

Season 2 illustration 3 - new to Def

Queen Latifah offers the rappers a class on image; the rappers compete to it is in on the cover of a i know well hop magazine; one parent manager butts heads through her artist. Air date : 5th-Aug-2016Read More

Season 2 episode 4 - us Don"t take No L"s

Air day : 12th-Aug-2016Read More

Season 2 illustration 5 - Run ago to Wifey

Air day : 19th-Aug-2016Read More

Season 2 episode 6 - Stand out or Sit under

Air day : 26th-Aug-2016Read More

Season 2 illustration 7 - birthday Bash

Air date : 2nd-Sep-2016Read More

Season 2 episode 8 - battle of the Def

Air date : 9th-Sep-2016Read More

Season 2 episode 9 - Finale component 1

Only one week away from picking his following So therefore Def artist, Jermaine Dupri gives the young rappers their final assignment-create a stage show in prior of a large audience. Flo Rida and also Mariah Carey prevent by to give the children their final words of advice before their huge performance. Air day : 16th-Sep-2016Read More

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