The sousaphone is a valved brass instrument through the exact same tube length and musical variety as various other tubas.

The sousaphone"s shape is such the the bell is over the tubist"s head and projecting forward. The valves are situated directly in former of the musician slightly above the belt and all of the load rests on the left shoulder. The bell is normally detachable from the instrument human body to facilitate transportation and also storage. Except for the instrument"s basic shape and also appearance, the sousaphone is technically similar to a tuba.

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Most contemporary sousaphones space made in the vital of BB♭; numerous older sousaphones to be pitched in the vital of E♭, but current manufacturing of sousaphones in that key is restricted nowadays. Back sousaphones may have a more minimal range than their concert tuba counterpart (most sousaphones have actually 3 valves instead of 4 to minimize weight), normally they can all pat the exact same music and also usually have parts created in the bass clef.

Early sousaphones had actually 22-inch-diameter (560 mm) bells, with 24-inch (610 mm) bells well-known in the 1920s. From the mid-1930s onward, sousaphone bells have been standardization at a diameter the 26 inches (660 mm).

The sousaphone is crucial fixture that the new Orleans brass band tradition and also is still offered in teams such as the Dirty Dozen Brass band by Kirk Joseph. Spirit Rebels Brass band from new Orleans functions sousaphone player Edward Lee, Jr. 


The JP2057 Sousaphone is the perfect instrument for the field. That fits incredibly well within any type of marching band, Trad Jazz tape or even an early large band. With finish ease, the sousaphone can turn indigenous a mellow bass instrument, come a roaring forward dealing with monster, an ideal to blast any type of bass line that is needed.

This sousaphone functions a huge .687" bore, and also alongside the 26" forward encountering bell, it provides a rich, resonant ton with terrific projection and volume. The JP2057 Sousaphone likewise has an extremely quick responsive valves and also is perfectly weighted and shaped to enable a comfortable playing position. The leadpipe is detachable, and also is assembled native 3 different parts, allowing the player to pick the most comfortable mouthpiece position.

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The JP2057 Sousaphone is offered with a high quality, protective tough case, through plenty or for sure padded block to ensure that the tools remains secure in the case. It also comes through a mouthpiece and a straightforward maintenance kit containing valve oil and also tuning on slide grease.