her constantly-updated meaning of Human-Computer interaction (HCI) and collection of subject content and literature

Human-computer communication (HCI) is a multidisciplinary ar of study concentrating on the architecture of computer an innovation and, in particular, the interaction in between humans (the users) and computers. When initially concerned with computers, HCI has since expanded come cover almost all develops of information technology design.

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Here, Professor Alan Dix explains the roots of HCI and which areas are specifically important to it.

The Meteoric climb of HCI

HCI surfaced in the 1980s with the advent of personal computing, just as makers such as the to apologize Macintosh, IBM computer 5150 and Commodore 64 started turning up in homes and offices in society-changing numbers. Because that the very first time, sophisticated electronic equipment were easily accessible to basic consumers for offers such together word processors, gamings units and bookkeeping aids. Consequently, as computer systems were no much longer room-sized, expensive devices exclusively constructed for professionals in devoted environments, the need to produce human-computer communication that was additionally easy and also efficient for much less experienced users became increasingly vital. From its origins, HCI would increase to incorporate multiple disciplines, together as computer system science, cognitive science and human-factors engineering.


HCI soon became the subject of intense scholastic investigation. Those that studied and worked in HCI saw it as a crucial instrument to popularize the idea the the interaction in between a computer and the user must resemble a human-to-human, open-ended dialogue. Initially, HCI researchers focused on boosting the functionality of desktop computer computers (i.e., practitioners concentrated on how easy computers are come learn and also use). However, through the increase of innovations such as the Internet and also the smartphone, computer system use would significantly move far from the desktop computer to adopt the cell phone world. Also, HCI has steadily encompassed an ext fields:

“…it no longer makes sense to regard HCI as a specialty of computer science; HCI has grown to it is in broader, larger and much more diverse than computer science itself. HCI expanded from that is initial emphasis on individual and generic user behavior to include social and organizational computing, availability for the elderly, the cognitively and physically impaired, and also for all people, and also for the widest feasible spectrum of person experiences and also activities. It broadened from desktop office applications to include games, learning and also education, commerce, health and medical applications, emergency planning and response, and systems to support collaboration and community. It expanded from early graphical user interfaces to incorporate myriad interaction techniques and devices, multi-modal interactions, tool assistance for model-based user user interface specification, and also a organize of arising ubiquitous, handheld and context-aware interactions.”— man M. Carroll, author and also a founder the the field of human-computer interaction.

The UX value of HCI and also Its related Realms

HCI is a broad field i m sorry overlaps with locations such as user-centered design (UCD), user user interface (UI) design and user experience (UX) design. In countless ways, HCI to be the forerunner to UX design.

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Despite that, some distinctions remain between HCI and also UX design. Practitioners the HCI tend to be much more academically focused. They"re involved in clinical research and developing empirical knowledge of users. Vice versa, UX developers are almost invariably industry-focused and also involved in structure products or services—e.g., smartphone apps and also websites. Nevertheless of this divide, the valuable considerations for commodities that we as UX professionals problem ourselves through have direct links come the findings of HCI specialists about users’ mindsets. V the wider span that topics the HCI covers, UX designers have a riches of sources to attract from, although much research continues to be suited to academic audiences. Those of us who are designers likewise lack the deluxe of time i beg your pardon HCI specialists commonly enjoy. So, we must stretch beyond our industry-dictated limit to access these much more academic findings. When you carry out that well, you have the right to leverage key insights into achieving the ideal designs for your users. By “collaborating” in this method with the HCI world, developers can journey impactful changes in the market and also society.

Learn more about Human-Computer Interaction

The Interaction design Foundation’s encyclopedia thing on Human-Computer Interaction, by man M. Carroll, a founder the HCI, is one ideal source for getting a solid knowledge of HCI as a ar of study: https://www.thedesigningfairy.com/literature/book/the-encyclopedia-of-human-computer-interaction-2nd-ed/human-computer-interaction-brief-intro

Keep increase to day with the latest advancements in HCI at the international culture for HCI, SIGCHI: https://sigchi.org/

Learn the tools of HCI through our food on HCI, taught by Professor Alan Dix, author of among the most well-known textbooks ~ above HCI. Friend can uncover it here: https://www.thedesigningfairy.com/courses/human-computer-interaction