Every year, 40,000 americans owe their resides to an initial responders. We operated with the phone network millions of very first responders count on to tell the stories of a special couple of who had been conserved — 11 NFL players and a head coach. Your stories became a 12-part movie series, 30-minute CBS documentary and an main NFL team the honored the influence of first responders. The film collection culminated in a Super key commercial the inspired numerous thousands to present their appreciation for America’s unsung heroes.

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A trailer because that the film series launched throughout the AFC and also NFC Championship football games and also took over the conversation on Twitter.


We combed the country to discover our team and also the an initial responders who conserved them. Your raw and honest story aired on television and also online and became the emotional heart that the campaign.

AN official NFL JERSEY

Every team needs a uniform. Our was motivated by the uniforms that the selfless men and women that answered our team’s emergency calls.

Additional jerseys were auctioned because that charity and sent come influencers who had also been conserved by very first responders.


The film series culminated in a 90-second Super bowl commercial that dove deeper right into the story the the coach the The Team the Wouldn’t it is in Here, and also real-life head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers. It became the many talked around Super bowl commercial online.

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A television SHOW

We an unified all 12 stories to develop one final poignant moment — a 30-minute documentary the aired the night after Super key Sunday throughout primetime ~ above CBS.


We worked with R/GA to catch thousands much more stories the Americans who wouldn’t be here without an initial responders.

They common their thanks, and we made certain the first responders heard them v geo-targeting that offered each post directly come the first responder’s district — ensuring castle knew their bravery to be appreciated.