There’s other sweet about our favorite vampires acquiring to go house for the holidays, but this is not a feel-good episode. In the end, Bonnie burns she tree; Matt i do not care Enzo’s reluctant partner; Kai is more powerful than ever, all set to merge through Jo, and just walk away Elena; and oh right, Liz Forbes has actually cancer. Because I’m certain a commenter will certainly say it: Yes, this has actually shades that Buffy—a mommy dying that natural causes is one thing neither a vampire nor a vampire hunter have the right to fix. However it appears Liz’s illness could be an ext drawn out. Already, it’s served to lug Stefan and Caroline closer. He’s going to be over there for she this time. Below we go.

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We open with Jo phoning Alaric come tell him she’s walking to it is in two hours late come dinner, for this reason he need to save she some. A young woman comes in through a substantial wound to her abdomen. Surprise, Kai stabbed her. (Why is his challenge all bloody? no that I’m a splatter expert, but…)

Bonnie is still grounding in 1994. She’s remembering holiday cheer of years previous while dragging a tree come the high institution parking lot because in her mind, it’s time come decorate the town tree. Caroline assumes she and also her mom are canceling Christmas this year since Caroline can’t return to her house in Mystic Falls, yet of course, Liz just brings the decorations come Caroline. And also Stefan as well, who’s on light duty. “The little ones obviously,” together Caroline says.

Elena’s prayer of Damon because that helping her look through Alaric’s reference publications for the Ascendant is interrupted once Alaric calls come ask she if she’s viewed Jo. No one’s seen her due to the fact that the ahead night once she and one that the stabbing victim went missing. Oh, therefore Kai to be posing as a victim them? got it. Damon’s arrangement is simple: They’ll find Kai and also kill him. Cut to Tyler telling Liv and Luke they need to aid keep Kai lively so he have the right to merge through Jo. Luke have the right to see the enlarge picture: If Kai becomes their leader, he’s still a problem. Damon calls Matt and asks the to save an eye out for Kai, “think sociopathic Ryan Reynolds,” however he and Jeremy (a.k.a. Beavis and also Butthead) are more concerned around killing Enzo. Walk Damon just spend his lengthy days in 1994 to brush up on pop culture? Love it.

Damon doesn’t seem worried around Kai looking for the knife Jo hid her magic in. He’s covert it ~ all… and also it’s gone. Looks choose Liv and also Luke did the locator spell because that him ~ all. Their resides are top top the line, sure. But does Jo get no commitment from lock for conserving their resides 18 year ago?

Bonnie proceeds to shot to make the many of she one-woman tree decorating while we see one more flashback to the girls’ freshman year in high school. It’s right approximately the time Caroline’s dad was getting ready come divorce his mother due to the fact that he’s gay and also Bonnie’s dad was around to relocate away. (Pause as I realize I’ve never ever used popcorn garland. Exactly how long does it keep?)

Stefan make the efforts to do amends through Caroline by helping her hang lights, yet anyone have the right to be friends when what friend share is a task that easy. She desires Stefan come leave, but he returns when Sheriff Forbes overcome out. So she’s going to die so Stefan can be there for Caroline v something difficult?

While Kai tries to stab Jo’s magic earlier into her, it doesn’t work. She put her magic in that by choice, it has to be her selection to take it out. Luke can’t watch, therefore he leaves. Liv stays and also Kai threatens to slot her neck if she can’t figure out just how to pressure it ago into Jo prior to he gets ago from detect a bandage for this reason Jo doesn’t bleed out. You have actually a big knife, Kai. Maybe reduced off the bottom of someone’s shirt and make that a tourniquet?

Elena joins Caroline at the hospital to wait because that word ~ above sedated Liz’s condition. If nothing else, Stefan abandoning she after Damon and Bonnie went absent gives she a appreciation because that Damon, who sticks v Elena through thick and thin. “You’re plainly malnourished,” Elena jokes. How long walk it take it Stefan to discover a blood bag in a hospital anyway?

Damon figures out the Tyler and the twins aided Kai find the knife. That phones Tyler, who insists he’s just trying to save his girlfriend alive. Damon spots Luke at the dorm and reiterates Luke’s worst fear about what wake up if Kai becomes the coven’s leader.

Enzo shows up to meet Matt, who insurance claims he’s supplying him a folder of details that Monique called him around Stefan’s genuine niece, Sarah, to get him far from Mystic Falls. The file is to fill with empty pages, i m sorry Enzo realizes right prior to Jeremy fires a stake at him. Enzo captures it. Matt stakes that from behind in the neck? Why no aim lower, Matt? He turns to strangle Matt and also Jeremy fires a stake into his back. Matt manages to kick him to the ground and looks pretty warm while law so.

At the hospital, Stefan admits that after Tripp’s guys got hold of Liz, they brought her in because that tests and also they found something suspicious. Elena compels the physician to tell her what’s happening: the MRI had displayed a lesion ~ above her brain stem that they think may have metastasized to her spine. If that’s the case, it’s terminal. And Liz hasn’t called Caroline any type of of this.

Jeremy wants to stake Enzo in the heart, however Matt wants to make him suffer. Jeremy, because that once, is the much less annoying of the two! He warns Matt that an united state versus castle mentality will drive the crazy and also get him killed, yet he still helps Matt move Enzo. Jo, meanwhile, assumes Liv wants to help free her, but Liv won’t. She wants Jo to prevent running. Girlfriend think it’s just due to the fact that she doesn’t desire to dice or live with knowing she killed Luke, but then Liv surprises us: It’s also because she think Jo is strong enough to defeat Kai. After all, look at how much she’s come there is no magic. Anyone else confused around how Jo wouldn’t be more powerful than Kai considering he has no magic of his own? for this reason it’s really simply a fight because that hers? Kai returns and also steals few of Liv’s magic come torture her. Finally, Jo takes she magic back to conserve her sister as soon as again.

Damon and Alaric arrive at the cemetery, not talking also after Damon apologizes because that compelling him come steal native Jo. Damon makes a move on Kai, that then stupidly stand cockily on the no-magic side of the border. Alaric is there through a huge handgun prepared to blow his head off apparently, however Jo stops him. If Kai dies, Luke and also Liv need to merge. Yet if Jo defeat Kai, they don’t. Damon begs Alaric to simply shoot Kai, but he has belief in Jo and just knocks the out. You’re a an excellent boyfriend, Alaric.

After Luke and also Liv argue about whether Jo have the right to really loss Kai and what Luke sees as happening when she can’t (he kills your coven then transforms on others since he gets bored), we go ago to the hospital. Stefan speak Elena how much it sucks that they have the right to have a plan to face any kind that evil but they can’t assist Liz. (Vampire blood doesn’t job-related on cancer. If only.) Elena doesn’t desire Caroline compelling the truth out the doctor, she wants her come hear the from a friend. Stefan claims he need to do it and also be there for her now.

Jo many thanks Alaric because that being the most knowledge boyfriend in the world, and also they share a kiss in the woods after that wraps she in a blanket. So romantic, even with the talk of twin merging. Damon, meanwhile, is throwing rocks at the gravestone wherein Kai is bound in the wishes he’ll kill him. With their conversation, Kai realizes the it must’ve been a vast spell to keep magic the end of Mystic Falls. He suck it up v the planet while Damon and Alaric fight about Damon’s desire to death Kai and also make himself feel much better about Bonnie’s sacrifice because that him. That ends v Damon throw a rock to flatten one of Alaric’s tires. An extremely mature, guys.

Bonnie lights she Christmas tree, and in flashback, we see Liz giving a lovely speech at the Winter Festival and tree lighting in 2009. Caroline is in no atmosphere after Stefan offered her a eye globe an essential chain, but Bonnie is happy through her bracelet. Of food Caroline is good at mystery Santa. Yet really, the holidays room all around sharing every other’s great health and also company. Cut to Stefan telling Caroline they need to talk.

Elena tries to phone Damon and also tell him around Liz, however the wind the Kai’s magic vacuum has actually picked up. The reception is so bad, he simply hangs up. Climate he realizes Kai has stopped talking. Wait, he’s chanting. Yep, he sucks up all of the magic. Matt finds this out once he drives Enzo across the border and also assumes he’ll open the van door to uncover him dying or dead. That goes come touch him and also Enzo grabs Matt’s neck. Should’ve listened to Jeremy, Matty Blue Eyes. Kai rises and also throws Alaric right into a tree to present his nthedesigningfairy.comfound power. Remember once trees in that cemetery supplied to simply be for making the end against?

Damon tries to absent Kai’s ass, however Kai go the disappearing trick. Alaric takes Damon’s hand and gets up, so they’re type of girlfriend again. They realize the magic border is no more. Rather of killing Matt, Enzo tells him he to be right earlier when he said he’s jealous of Stefan. Stefan has actually respect, family, and also girls that doesn’t deserve and he’s willing to litter it all away. Enzo wants Matt to aid him take it every ounce of delight from Stefan, and then he’ll decide if Matt it s okay to live. “Happy holidays,” Enzo tells him prior to shutting him in the van.

Damon heads residence to Salvatore Mansion and gets a contact from Elena. She’s not sure what they are to each other, however she knows that after the sad job she’s had, she wants to check out him. Stefan breaks the nthedesigningfairy.coms to Caroline who asks the logical vampire blood question. That shoots under her wishes time ~ time until all she deserve to do is cry and tell the the medical professionals don’t recognize how solid her mom is. She’ll acquire through this. Right? He wants to burst right into tears simply looking at her. He holds her.

Meanwhile, Bonnie and Jeremy are both at the city Christmas trees in their different worlds. Bonnie misses everyone, he misses her. She lights she tree on fire and walks away alone. She never liked come be without Elena and also Caroline and also Jeremy on the holidays.

Stefan arrives residence at Salvatore Mansion and also presents Damon through his fixed-up car. Ah, currently we know why he was working as a mechanic. It’s very early Christmas/late welcome earlier to life present. He tells Damon not to dice again and goes within to see if Jeremy slept in his bed. Ha!

There’s a knock in ~ the door and also Damon answer it. Elena’s there marveling in ~ his clever choice to cave mistletoe, however he can’t see her. Go anyone rather quickly shot to figure out just how the hell among them got to 1994. To be it the car? No. It’s simply that Kai placed a cloaking assignment on Elena. He knocks Elena out with some sort of pipe. Sorry, Delena fans. You’ll have to wait till Jan. 22 to view if Damon deserve to rescue she this time.

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