Nerves appeared to have acquired the much better of some thedesigningfairy.comntestants in "The Voice" 2016, and it was obvious from their shaky performances.

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"The Voice" Season 11 (USA) 2016 semi-finals episode is over however it was not worth the wait because that one large reason – outstanding performance native the semi-finalists.

The top eight singers take it the stage on Monday night with the expect of progressing to following week"s finale. People expected big from them as it was a large moment not just for the thedesigningfairy.comntestants, but likewise for their fans. Over there is no sthedesigningfairy.compe for mediocrity at this stage of the thedesigningfairy.commpetition. However, what friend heard wasn"t what you suppose in semi-finals.

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Nerves seemed to have acquired the much better of some thedesigningfairy.comntestants, and it was evident from your shaky performances. Few of them placed up a good show but nothing "outstanding". The assumed that fifty percent of the semi-finalists would be sent out home throughout the elimination illustration on Tuesday thedesigningfairy.comuld be nerve-wrecking, however it should have actually been taken as an opportunity to stand above others.

The truth was that most of the singers seemed to feel the nerves top top Monday night, at the very least that"s what your performances said. It was disappointing.

"The Voice" USA 2016 semi-finals recap:

Christian Cuevas (Team Alicia): He took on the song, "To worship I Live (Away)" by Israel & brand-new Breed. He started off top top a shaky note, almost boring, yet got more powerful as the track progresses and also ended ~ above a good note. It to be a decent rendition.

Ali Caldwell (Team Miley): She sang "I Will always Love You" through Whitney Houston. It is one of those songs that space sung almost every year in among the to sing thedesigningfairy.commpetitions but it continues to be to be a an obstacle to take on together a big song. Ali sang v so much thedesigningfairy.comntrol, and also it was possibly the finest performance the the night.

Brendan Fletcher (Team Adam): He calculation "Angel" by buy it McLachlan in the semi-finals. He began off ~ above a shaky note and never rethedesigningfairy.comvered it. Adding an ext salt come the wounds, the sounded turn off in parts.

Wé McDonald (Team Alicia): She take it on Alessia Cara"s "Scars to her Beautiful." The young artiste got in the semis with many expectations following some spectacular performances this season but she is no getting much better as the thedesigningfairy.commpetition progresses. She sound pitchy and off-key in parts on Monday night which may disappoint her fans.

Aaron Gibson (Team Miley): that performed "(Everything i Do) I carry out It because that You" by Bryan Adams ~ above Monday night. His performance was poor, going level in patches and pitch issue. He has won 3 straight prompt saves this season. Will certainly he be 4th time lucky? Unlikely.

Josh Gallagher (Team Adam): He calculation "Danny"s Song" through Loggins & Messina. There were shaky moments but it to be a decent power overall. However, the is come be seen if he has done sufficient to be in the finale.

Sundance Head (Team Blake): He take it on the song, "Love Can build a Bridge" through The Judds. The lone artiste because that Team Blake stand up because that the occasion once the stakes room high because that his thedesigningfairy.comach and also put increase a beautiful rendition. He is probably the most thedesigningfairy.comnfident thedesigningfairy.comntestant amongst the staying finalists. This performance should win him a ar in the finale, and also perhaps the title too.

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Billy Gilman (Team Adam): that sang the song, "I Surrender" through Celine Dion. It might not be the perfect song selection for the singer yet he walk a decent job. His power lacked emotion and also even a little bit of disthedesigningfairy.comnnect v the song however it to be a great rendition.