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Wish ns was under on some blue bayou,With a bamboo cane grounding in the sand.But the road I"m on, don"t it seems ~ to go there,So I simply dream, keep on bein" the means I am.Wish I delighted in what provides my living,Did what I carry out with a willin" hand.Some would certainly run, ah, but that ain"t choose me.So I just dream and keep on bein" the method I am.The means I am, don"t fit mine shackles.The means I am, reality.I can virtually see the bobber dancin",So I just dream, save on bein" the means I am.The way I am, don"t fit my shackles.The means I am, reality.I can practically see that bobber dancin",So I simply dream, keep on bein" the means I am.I just dream, keep on bein" the means I am.
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