Summary because that Friday November 6 2015: Chelsea confronts Christine, Ashley lies come Abby, and Cane refuses to walk home.

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At Newman Towers, Chelsea hugs Adam. Paul and also the others have tendency to Stitch out front. He continues to be unconscious.

At the hospital, Sage tells Nick she can’t take care of seeing her son cold and also lifeless. She doesn’t desire Nick to go in either, therefore he doesn’t. Nick stop Sage if she cries. A nurse joins them. Sage doesn’t want the infant to walk to a cold and dark place. She wails. Elsewhere, Dylan tells the survivors the there was nothing rather they might do at the Towers. Lily feels guilty about how she critical spoke to Cane. “I love him.” Joe embraces her. Chelsea, Victor, Adam, and also Paul arrive. Adam tells them Ian Ward began the fire. Victor tells everyone that Adam saved Ashley, Abby, and Stitch. Christine mirrors up and also cuffs Adam – he’s facing added charges. Paul pulls kris aside to argue on Adam’s behalf due to the fact that he saved people. Chris relents – he have the right to be examined there prior to his transfer. Dylan marvels to Paul if Patty maybe got out. Paul claims Jack told that she didn’t stand a chance. Meanwhile, Cane shows up. Lily rushes to him. In another hospital room, Stitch is still unconscious. Dr. Barton Shelby speak Abby to get out and also tends come him. When he comes out, he tells Abby and Ashley they’ll do whatever in his power to help him however he’s gained a long method to go. “The next 24 hours will tell united state a lot.” In the waiting area, Nick tells his family members the baby is gone. Nikki, Victor, and also Dylan comfort him. Nikki states Sage is one of them now, and also will require their support. Billy and also Victoria discuss losing a child. Victor asks Nikki if she thinks Nick and Sage’s marital relationship will survive. She claims it can’t end like this. In a hospital room, Nick sit by Sage, that is sedated. He wishes he can take the pains away. In the ER, Lily urges Cane to gain checked the end so they have the right to go home. He claims he no live over there anymore. She wants him to come back, yet he i will not ~ confuse the children, and can’t be through her after ~ she rotate on him. Joe hovers nearby. In the corridor, Chelsea confronts Christine. “What is wrong with you? don’t you have an oz of humanity?” She pleads the Adam risked his life to aid people and came back to confront his sentence. Billy listens. Jack tells Phyllis he wants to wait and say goodbye come Adam. He’s damaged up around telling Paul lock left Patty. Phyllis states she no well. Jack feeling she was lucid as soon as she claimed she concerned warn Dylan about something. In Stitch’s room, Ashley flicker to him speak he love her, and then lies to Abby that he talked about her when they assumed they were going to die. Abby speak Stitch he deserve to still have actually that love he talked about if he simply comes back. In the wait area, Christine announces they i will not ~ be transporting Adam tonight.

At Fairview, Dr. Anderson find Sharon the end of bed. She desires to see Patty, yet Dr. Anderson states she broke out of she room. Sharon says, “She go to watch Dylan.” Dr. Anderson speak Sharon out of make the efforts to contact Dylan, also though she claims it’s to be a lengthy time because she’s speak to him. Sharon tells her she doesn’t like exactly how the medicine is making she feel and also refuses to take more. Dr. Anderson alerts she’ll placed the infant in jeopardy, not to cite her connection with Dylan. Sharon feels she’s acquiring worse; she’s resting all the time and struggling to placed thoughts together. Anderson says she’s more powerful than ever and gets she to take her pills. Later, Paul arrives and also tells Dr. Anderson his sister passed away in a fire tonight. He needs to know exactly how she acquired out, and why she to be so established to uncover Dylan the she ran into a burning building. Anderson states she wouldn’t be surprised if Patty started the fire. Paul corrects her and also tells she to discover a an excellent attorney. “You’re going to need one. This isn’t over.” Anderson goes into the room whereby Sharon’s sleeping and also tells her that shortly her beautiful baby will arrive.

At the Club, Cane drinks and also ignores Lily’s calls.

At the hospital, Lily speak Joe she doesn’t blame Cane for not taking she calls. Joe thinks he’ll come around. He will help her obtain the youngsters home. In the chapel, Victoria sits through Nick, that feels emptiness. He desire Sage can have held the baby. Victoria claims it might have made things worse. He feels he and also Sage will need to grieve together. In Adam’s room, the spends time through Connor and Chelsea. In Sage’s room, Nikki tells her sleeping type that they will certainly come through this. Paul returns and also tells Chris and also Dylan about Fairview. Jack hears and also tells Paul he was a great brother. He states Patty seemed lucid when she spoke around a blog post for Dylan. “He can’t to trust her,” she said.

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Genoa City spoilers for Monday ~ above The Young and the Restless:

Billy asks Ashley, “What go happen in between you and Stitch in that building?”

Hilary speak Devon, “I don’t feeling anything because that you.”

Dylan shouts in ~ Dr. Anderson, “How did Patty Williams escape and also end up dead?” Anderson says, “What taken place to Patty has actually nothing to execute with Sharon or the treatment she’s receiving.”

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