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Nymph is a basic term because that the goddesses who coexist through rivers, springs, mountains or any kind of herbal life-form. The name Nymph literally way Bride. Return Nymphs can live for a an extremely long time, they are not immortal ... They deserve to die and be killed.

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Nymphs were first mentioned in the old Greek messages after the mutilation the Ouranos (Heavens). Ouranos was the son and consort that Ge (Earth) ... His dominance was an alleged to have actually been limited to the heavens but he became presumptuous and also intruded ~ above Ge"s earthly domain. She induced her Titan boy Kronos to attack Ouranos through a sickle do of flint ... That mutilated Ouranos by cutting off his masculine members. The Meliae (Nymphs the the Ash Trees) were developed from the blood the Ouranos as Ge absorbed it.


We next encounter the Nymphs in the war of the Titans—a bitterness ten-year war in between the Titan gods and also their children. After mutilating his father, Kronos ended up being the nominal leader that the Titans and also the older, less powerful Immortals ... In plenty of respects he was just as oppressive and also overbearing together Ouranos.

Kronos"s child Zeus rallied the disenfranchised Immortals and asked them come fight versus the Titans ... Every one of the Nymphs pertained to Zeus"s assistance. From that time onward, Nymphs have been called the Daughters of Zeus also though that was no their really father.

Nymphs have assumed the form of young, beautiful women through a loving and supportive nature. They have been the consorts the the Immortals and also even bring away mortal men as your lovers and companions. The kids of Nymphs have actually lived resides as poets, soldiers and ordinary men and women. The role of Nymphs has normally been rather passive however there room instances where they ended up being vengeful and assertive.

Different types of Nymphs:

Dryad—A tree Nymph.Epimelid—A Nymph that protects flocks.Hamadryad—A Nymph of one oak tree.Lemonid—A Nymph of a meadow.Meliae—Nymphs that the ash trees.Naiad—A Nymph of a lake and also spring.Naias—River Nymphs.Nyseides—The Nymphs of mount Nysos.Okeanid—An s Nymph.Oread—A hill Nymph.Sylph—A Nymph of the air.


Encounters v Nymphs

Dionysos and Pan

Nymphs have actually a one-of-a-kind affection for Dionysos and Pan ... At any time these two vivacious god caper with the mountains and also woodlands, they will indeed be in the company of Nymphs. Pan is the boy of Hermes ... Dionysos is the kid of Zeus ... Your lust for life is contagious and also the Nymphs who accompany them room there to assist celebrate life and also vitality.

Encounters with NymphsLykurgos and also the Nysaean Nymphs

Throughout his life, Dionysos to be accompanied by Nymphs, Satyrs, and also Maenads but the relationship in between Dionysos and Nymphs started when he was really young.

Before he to be old enough to enjoy the lascivious behavior of the Satyrs and also Maenads, Dionysos was raised by the Nymphs of mount Nysos—the Nysaean Nymphs or Nyseides. The place of mount Nysos is disputed but it is one of two people in Phoenikia near the streams the Aegyptus (the Nile) or in upper Egypt in Aethiopia. Dionysos"s name means, God that Nysos, i.e. Dios-Nysos.

There to be a brutish man named Lykurgos who had actually proven his fighting an abilities and strategy however he make a catastrophic mistake as soon as he assaulted the Nymphs of Nysos. Lykurgos raged under the slopes of mount Nysos through an ox-goad and scourged the Nymphs who cared for young Dionysos. The Nymphs dropped your wands to the ground and also fled for your lives. Dionysos was so terrified of Lykurgos he jumped into the sea to escape the murderous brute. The goddess Thetis conserved Dionysos however the assault was not unnoticed or forgiven by the various other Immortals. Zeus blinded Lykurgos however he did not live lengthy with his affliction because all the Immortals hated him for what he had actually done come Dionysos and the Nymphs of Nysos.

Encounters with NymphsNymphs that Pelion

The search for the gold Fleece compelled a ship of particularly quality and also seaworthiness ... The Argo fit those qualifications. Timber from mountain Pelion was offered for the building and construction of the Argo so it seems only fitting the the Nymphs of mountain Pelion would certainly be ~ above hand once the ship set sail top top its epic journey. The Argo was developed under the guidance of the goddess Athene and the Nymphs wanted to respect her. As the Nymphs watched, they were joined by the Centaur Kheiron, who had pertained to wish the Argonauts farewell and also let young Akhilleus check out his dad Peleus depart.

A little of backstory is forced here ... The pursuit for the gold Fleece was one of the primary occasions of Greek prehistory. The Argonauts, commanded by Ieson (Jason), were a repertoire of impressive heroes destined come sail come Kolkhis at the east edge the the black Sea and also retrieve the golden Fleece ... The fleece of a divinely produced ram. The Centaur Kheiron, favor all Centaurs, had the human body of a equine with the torso and head the a male ... The was detailed for his wisdom and also civility. Peleus to be an Argonaut and also his boy Akhilleus became the biggest warrior in the Trojan war a generation ~ his father cruised with the Argonauts.



Encounters through NymphsThe spring of Kleite

The Argonauts encountered assorted hardships and also violent confrontations on their method to Kolkhis come retrieve the golden Fleece. One sad event connected King Kyzikos, who kingdom to be on the east shore the the Hellespont (the Dardanelles Straits). The king invited the Argonauts once they come ... He even interrupted his marital relationship celebration to be a an excellent host. As soon as the Argonauts sailed away, they came to be disorientated and also accidentally went back to Kyzikos"s kingdom in the dead of night. Kyzikos believed his barbaric neighbors were attacking and also led his army versus the Argonauts ... King Kyzikos was killed in the fray.

Kyzikos and his new wife Kleite had not consummated their marriage when the Argonauts arrived. Discovering of she husband"s death, Kleite placed a noose about her neck and ended her life. Her self-destruction took ar in a wooded grove ... The Nymphs the the grove were so distraught at Kleite"s fatality a fractional was created from your tears ... The fractional was appropriately named the fractional of Kleite.

Encounters with NymphsThe abduction of Hylas

One that the many dramatic encounters between a Nymph and also a mortal man arisen when among the Argonauts was abducted by a Naiad Nymph.

Sailing to Kolkhis to retrieve the gold Fleece, the Argonauts pertained to the Kianian soil by mountain Arganthon, close to the outfall of the Kios River, slightly north of contemporary Istanbul. Before they might make landfall, the winds failed and the Argonauts were forced to row their ship, the Argo. Herakles was trying to accumulate the other Argonauts by setting a rapid pace yet his zeal and also strength snapped his oar in half.

Making landfall, Herakles went looking for a suitable tree to do a new oar while his steward Hylas went to get water for the night meal. Hylas discovered a spring called Pegae and also as he landed on the spring, the local Nymphs began their evening songs in prayer of the goddess Artemis, goddess the the hunt. The Nymphs came from the hills and glens to song for the goddess and also as a Naiad was rising from the spring, Hylas approached. The moon was full and Aphrodite, goddess that love, filled the Nymph"s mind through confusion and desire. Once she saw Hylas"s youthful beauty and sweet grace together he knelt by the spring, she reached up with her right hand and also placed that behind his neck ... She ordered his elbow through her other hand and pulled him into the water. Hylas was never ever seen by mortal guys again.

Encounters with NymphsThe penalty of Paraebios

The Argonauts encountered the blind prophet Phineus top top the island that Thynias. Phineus"s neighbor, a man named Paraebios, told an enlightening story around one of the Thynian Nymphs.

Seeking advice, Paraebios saw Phineus since no matter what the did or exactly how piously he behaved, his life was filled with hardship and also disappointment. Phineus viewed correctly that Paraebios to be being punished for the youthful arrogance of his father.

Paraebios"s father had actually been chopping timber in the mountains when a Hamadryad begged him no to destroy her oak tree. In his prideful disregard for the Immortals, Paraebios"s dad chopped down the tree and thus eliminated the Nymph who common its life. Together she died, the Nymph cursed Paraebios"s father and also his descendants till the appropriate rituals to be performed and forgiveness was granted.

Paraebios to be destined to toil without reward till he repented and atoned for his father"s despicable actions. Acquisition Phineus"s advice, Paraebios developed an altar and offered prayers and sacrifices come the Thynian Nymph so that he might be relieved that his inherited burden. The sin to be forgiven and also Paraebios honored Phineus through bringing him food even though that knew that, due to the curse on Phineus, he would never ever be allowed to reap it. Phineus had actually offended the Immortals and also was cursed with blindness and perpetual starvation.

Encounters v NymphsThe Seduction that Ankhises

A guy of noble Trojan descent called Ankhises to be seduced through Aphrodite, goddesses the love. When Ankhises very first saw Aphrodite, she denied she divinity and also told that she to be a mortal mrs who had been carry away by the god Hermes if dancing with the mountain Nymphs in ~ her home in Phrygia. Ankhises willingly thought her lies and also made love come the goddess ... Aphrodite then revealed she true identification to Ankhises and also told him the after their boy Aineias to be born, she would lug the infant ago to mountain Ida so he could be increased by the regional Nymphs.

Aineias battled as a commander in the Trojan War. His main title was Dardanian commander to signify his family tree from the first king the Troy, Dardanos. The Nymphs of Ida supposedly did a remarkable project with the upbringing of Aineias because he was one of the very few Trojan guys to make it through the war.

Encounters v NymphsThe interment of King Eetion

An interesting and also touching event involving Nymphs occurred after the fatality of King Eetion the Thebe in Mysia.

The Akhaian Greeks raided various cities and also islands to it is provided their army during the Trojan War. The Akhaian commander Akhilleus to be leading a raid ~ above the city of Thebe and encountered King Eetion and also his 7 sons. Ruthless and unyielding, Akhilleus killed Eetion and his boy ... King Eetion"s daughter Andromakhe was no in Thebe as soon as the carnage take it place due to the fact that she had actually previously married Prince Hektor that Troy.

Akhilleus verified respect for King Eetion by not stripping that of his armor ~ he killed him. Akhilleus then burned Eetion"s body and made a interment mound for the king"s remains. The hill Nymphs to be so relocated by Eetion"s death, lock planted elm trees end the burial site.

Encounters v NymphsOdysseus and Kalypso

Kalypso to be the Sea Nymph that detained Odysseus ~ above the island of Ogygia. ~ the Trojan battle was end (circa 1240 BCE), many of the victorious Greek leaders returned come their homes without occurrence ... King Odysseus that Ithaka was not so lucky. Odysseus incurred the wrath the Poseidon, mr of the sea, by maiming one of the god"s sons. Poseidon swore vengeance versus Odysseus however Zeus would not let Poseidon death Odysseus ... The angry god had to it is in content through tormenting Odysseus and delaying his homecoming. As part of his ordeal, Odysseus became shipwrecked on Kalypso"s island.

Odysseus to be utterly there is no hope as soon as Kalypso uncovered him yet his rugged an excellent looks and noble character shortly effected the lonely Nymph and she dropped in love. Odysseus remained with Kalypso for 7 years but they were long, sad years for Odysseus. That resigned himself to the reality that there to be no escape native the island but he still constantly longed because that his wife and also son.

Poseidon was determined to perpetuate Odysseus"s penalty ... Likewise, the goddess Athene was constantly looking for ways to assist Odysseus. Once she reminded Zeus that Odysseus had actually been on Ogygia for 7 years, Zeus sent out his boy Hermes v a message for Kalypso ... She was to allow Odysseus to leaving ... Furthermore, she to be to give him the help he needed to develop a seaworthy craft.

Hermes arrived at Kalypso"s island and also was given a warmth welcome ... He and also Kalypso drank nectar and ate ambrosia. Finally, that told her of his mission and gave she Zeus"s command. At first Kalypso was indignant ... She reminded Hermes of the plenty of gods and goddesses who had taken mortal lovers and also wondered why she might not store Odysseus. Hermes told her the Zeus to be adamant ... She must help Odysseus leaving Ogygia and also she was not allowed to usage her charm to detain him.

Kalypso welcomed her fate and agreed come let Odysseus leave unhindered. By the time, Odysseus to be a cautious man. He had withstood much trickery at the hand of the Immortals and did not believe Kalypso would actually aid him. Come ensure she sincerity, Odysseus make Kalypso oath a an excellent oath top top the waters that Styx ... The most sacred and also binding oath one Immortal can make.

Kalypso dear swore the oath and also gave Odysseus the tools he required to develop a seaworthy raft. As soon as it came time for him to leave, Kalypso in she loving nature, provided Odysseus provisions and also sent him on his means with a same wind to speed him home.

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During your time together, Kalypso and also Odysseus had actually two sons—Nausithoos and also Nausinoos.