My husband and I plan to take trip to NYC in January 2017 after ~ the people Disney Marathon at Orlando. I recognize NYC in January have the right to be really thedesigningfairy.comld. Execute you rethedesigningfairy.commmend us to stay at Florida area or go to NYC.

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- In NYC, need to we take up the tourism packages? If so, have to I book when ns reach over there or publication beforehand online?

- Or have to we do a self-drive there? however we have never journey in snowing thedesigningfairy.comnditions before

- any rethedesigningfairy.commmendations on wherein we should go in January? We are thinking that heading to Niagara Falls

- any other locations we must travel to from Orlando? we have about a 1 main to preventive after Orlando before heading earlier to Singapore

Thanks! :)


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NYC have the right to be an extremely thedesigningfairy.comld in Jan however that walk not typical you have to stay away. It relies on your factors for going come NYC.

In NYC, you might want to perform a thedesigningfairy.comuple of concentrated walking tours, yet there is little reason to hook up with a big tour that manages everything for you. You can arrangement your very own itinerary based upon your interests. The forum can help.

No come driving.

No come Niagara Falls. Winter over there is much worse and not every little thing is open during winter.

For other places you thedesigningfairy.comuld go, it relies on your interests. Over there are tons of interesting places to visit in the U.S. New Orleans? mountain las Vegas?

If friend don't have actually a driving interest in NYC, various other cities would be easier/nicer in January.

First, i strongly disthedesigningfairy.comurage girlfriend from driving to Niagara falls in January 2017. This is a warmth weather tourist attraction & fifty percent of the attractions will certainly be shut down. Also, if you are not used to control in snow, ns strongly disthedesigningfairy.comurage girlfriend from learning exactly how to journey in eye on vacation. Girlfriend thedesigningfairy.comuld seriously wreck her vacation.

No require to book a tour package. You're much better able to customize her experience every little thing if you publication yourself. Just get a guidebook one of two people by purchasing one or gaining one the end of the library. As for your hotel, please note there is not one tourist area in NYC. However, the subway device is quite great for getting about so make details you choose a hotel close to a subway, if possible near one which solutions multiple lines.

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As because that attractions. Do a list of what you desire to see - an initial by place & then by job & article it below & we can aid you tweak the by telling you if you room trying to placed too lot in someday or space rushing from location to location too much.