Activities, Recreation and also Dining

There room plenty of tasks to keep you busy in southern Columbia County, even if it is you’re visiting because that the day, the week, or a lifetime. Outdoor avenues abound via kayaking, boating, fishing, biking, hiking, geocaching or golf. Indoor tasks help you gain through the merganser days such as an indoor absent climbing venue, distinct restaurants, an old layout movie theater v the technical upgrades required to contend in the 21st century.

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Columbia County, Oregon, is a nature lover’s paradise. Located simply north that Portland, Columbia county boasts 62 mile of Columbia flow shoreline and also a riches of recreational methods on the river and also in the beautiful forest and countryside that surrounds it.

Yes! Twilight was filmed here. Olde Towne St Helens stand in for port Angeles. Charlie”s home is also in St Helens. Halloweentown and Behind the Mask were additionally filmed in Olde Towne. Number of Tour carriers are to plan Twilight Tours.

13 Nights on the river Concert SeriesThursday nights June thru September the Columbia see Amphitheater in historical Riverfront St. Helens becomes the life room the the community. Families & friends conference to gain a range of music through the beautiful Columbia River as a backdrop. An open up Air industry offers choices for dinner and also a selection of merchandise merchants to peruse as well. Schedule information deserve to be uncovered at the 13 Nights ~ above the River.

Would you choose to try out flying a aircraft yourself, simply to view if it’s a fit for you? For just $99, you can go for an introductory flight, simply to check out if it’s something you’d choose to do. You’ll fly through a Certified trip Instructor in an aircraft equipped with twin flight controls, make radio transmissions, taxi the plane while top top the ground, and also out of a 30 minute flight, you’ll in reality fly the airplane yourself for about 25 minutes. For more info go to Columbia Aviation Center.

Next Adventure Scappoose only Padding CenterExperience beautiful, calm, flatwater paddling secluded from boat traffic. Paddle with luscious woodlands while witnessing growing wildlife in a family members friendly setup that caters come all species of boaters, specifically beginners. Even if it is you’re in search of SUP, canoe, or kayak rentals, walk on among our paddling tours, or acquisition a kayak or soup class, Scappoose Bay has actually something because that everyone. Contact them at 503-397-2161.

Scappoose community Club Farmer’s Marketis entering ours 13th season. If friend are in search of a fun, family-friendly sector with faithful customers, examine us out on any type of Saturday, may 16th thru September 26th. Hours: 9 a.m. To 2 p.m. On many dates. Hrs may extend throughout the unique summer occasions in heritage Park.

Sauvie Island. Over there are ranches with U-Pick berries, corn mazes, and also pumpkin patches. There is a lavender nursery whereby they market tea and also all things magnified with lavender. There is a naked beach. There are clothed beaches too, but, well, they room admittedly less interesting. There room look out points and bird watching opportunities all end the place. Flocks and flocks of sandhill cranes have the right to be found here. No should go to the Everglades, folks. You deserve to view cranes in ours alligator-free atmosphere right here in Oregon.

South Columbia County has some that the many beautiful countryside biking in Oregon. Bike follow me dikes, pastureland, old tree-lined logging roadways or through the numerous area parks. Bike rentals are accessible at Barlow Bikes in St. Helens. To reap this household friendly activity call 503-397-4900.

The Shoestring ar Players has been developing plays and also other performances in Columbia County for 30 years. Formed from a specialized group of “Reader’s Theater” performers, SSCP to be officially established in 1982. The an initial production to be Brigadoon, performed in ~ the St. Helens High school Olmscheid Auditorium. SSCP has consistently created productions and performances because that time, tapping right into the rich and “undiscovered” talent Columbia County and also its surrounding locations have come offer. We execute Revues, Musicals, Dramas, Comedies, children Theater, and also any other form of production that catches the fist of the community.

Golf in ~ Wildwood Golf Course. Nestled in a quiet sink and amongst towering fir trees, this 5,675 yard, 18-hole course offers plenty of an obstacle for all golfers.

Strobel Stables and also Arena supplies Barrel racing, Barrel lessons, exercise sessions and also Schooling shows. They have a 90” x 200” at home arena, 125” x 285” the end arena, restrooms and also a full concession ~ above the grounds. Visit the website or speak to 503-543-2040 Arena or 503-543-2581 House.

Joy Creek Nursery 4 acres of display screen gardens top top a hill overlooking the Columbia River. The gardens feature numerous unusual perennials, shrubs and also trees in imaginative settings. Joy Creek additionally has free gardening seminars, so inspect out your schedule the events.

Caples House The Caples residence Museum is located in Columbia City, Oregon. Perched top top a hillside over the Columbia River, the historic home that the Caples household is a time-capsule in history. Over there is a tool shed, a nation Store, Knapp facility & Children’s Attic.

Caples Museum director – 503-397-53901925 first StreetColumbia City, OR 97018Museum hours March 1 v October 31 Friday, Saturday, Sunday & major Holidays 1 – 5 pm

Columbia Theater constantly has first run movies in the many comfortable setting outside your very own living room. Wherein you have actually rocking-chair seating and plenty the legroom. Every Wednesday and also Thursday is Pub Night for adults only (21 & over) serving beer, wine, pizza and also more. 503-397-9791

Columbia County racing Association gears up for quick paced racing on a ‘¼ mile clay track at the Columbia County occasion Complex. You’ll view Sportsman, Street Stock, V-8 Modifieds and Women’??s division competitions from spring into fall. Gentlemen, start your engines! 503-397-6506 / 503-397-2393

Multnomah Channel Yacht ClubWelcome, members and visitors! The Multnomah Channel Yacht club is located in Scappoose, Oregon, around 12 miles north of Portland. We room a member that the Columbia river Yachting Association. We are an energetic club through cruises and also events every year round. Check out our occasion Calendar.

Launch your boat at among the several launches in the area. Select from Brown’??s Landing, Scappoose Bay maritime Park, St. Helens Marina, Beaver watercraft Ramp, Rainier, or Goble Landing. Or motor down for the day and dock in ~ Sand Island naval Park or the City the St. Helens docks in ~ no charge. Speak to the chamber of business for additional contact information.

Dining in Columbia County

Fork’d  503/543-7332

Dockside Steak & Pasta (Italian) 503/366-0877

Fultano’s Pizza 503/543-5100

Happy Garden Chinese Restaurant 503/366-4298

Ichabod’s Restaurant (American) 503/543-2450

Ixtapa mexican Restaurant (Mexican) 503/543-3017

Noi’s Thai Kitchen (Thai) 971/222-4817

Longfellows Inn (Steak) 503/543-9996

Mod Pizza 503/410-5218

Pizza vendor 503/543-7197

Plymouth Pub 503/396-5108

Roof (Sandwiches) 503/396-5514

Rosebud cafe (American) 503/987-1374

Simm (Oriental) 503/543-4098

Sunshine Pizza (Pizza & Subs) 503/397-3211

Micro Breweries and also Distilleries

Running dog Brewery (Micro Brews) 503/397-1103

Tap right into Wine (wine tasting) 503/201-4545

Hiking & Biking

Trojan Day-use Park 503-464-8515Vernonia-Banks linear Trail 503-429-5291Old Crown Zellerbach road


Twilight go tourYes! Twilight to be filmed here and Olde Towne St. Helens stand in for port Angeles. But Charlie”s home is also in St. Helens. Tourism maps obtainable at the Visitors facility in St Helens and here in ~ the Inn.

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Watts home Pioneer Museum A 1902 victorian home built by James grant Watts because that his family. That is furnished and easily accessible by meeting for tourism throughout the year. The residence is decorated for Christmas and also open throughout the month of December top top weekends. No admission charge, donations welcome.