The language the the net is constantly an altering and evolving, in ~ a much much more rapid pace than in the actual world. As one of the plenty of examples, vice versa, in actual life one might say, “No way,” on the internet, people simply exclaim “wig!”

Likewise, those that are extremely Online room finding new and an innovative ways come respond to takes—hot or otherwise—and the latest instance of this is the “this ain’t it, chief” meme. The phrase first surfaced ~ above Twitter and also Reddit end the summer as a method to mock miscellaneous or someone together uncool.

According come an Urban dictionary entry included on July 27, “this ain’t the chief” describes “something that an individual would certainly deem widely welcomed or cool to present off, however in reality, it simply makes lock look like a fucking idiot/weird.”

The phrase was defined on a Reddit thread in r/OutOfTheLoop, on the other hand, together “basically a kind of informing someone come stop every little thing they’re saying because it’s thought to be wrong.”

So in other words, “this ain’t it chief” is not entirely unlike “weird flex however ok,” another hatchet that gained popularity over the summer to respond come questionable bragging. However this new term is much much more flexible and also all-encompassing.

To gain a far better understanding, here just room a handful of the many, many examples top top Twitter:

imma store it actual w friend chief, this ain’t it. Https://

— kiara (

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kiararomann) September 24, 2018

royce freeman, to every solitary defender: THIS AIN'T IT, CHIEF

— Mina Kimes (
minakimes) October 2, 2018

It is decided. This certainly "ain't the chief"

— TV Writers possibly DON'T belong In Prison? (
feraljokes) September 21, 2018

Taped up kicks because that $530. Lock out here gentrifying poverty now. This ain’t it chief.

— Jason Mitchell (
JasonMitch) September 20, 2018

“This ain’t it, Chief” is just how the children are speak “Comrade, you are being insufficiently dialectical” these days.

— orgone trace (
AaronWaxing) September 22, 2018

the net has ruined me in the sense that if a boy were come tell me he preferred me I would probably just respond v “weird flex but ok” or “this ain’t the chief”

— jodie (

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jodieegrace) October 1, 2018

And, the course, a couple of people provided it come goof on Kanye West’s eyebrow-raising Saturday Night Live appearance end the weekend:

adams challenge realy screams “this ain’t it chief”

— cara dunes strap (
riseofskywaIke) September 27, 2018

As the phrase continued to evolve, people beginning using the in the paper definition of “I texted chief” or “chief texted me.”

I simply texted chief…he called me this ain’t it…