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Generally would finest fit the clauses together because of exactly how it flows with the sentence and also because the declare is being generalized. 


Therefore, but, ~ above the other hand,  consequently.consequently, so, as a result, hence, thus, accordingly, for that reason 
In i beg your pardon sentence is the suggest of watch most clearly subjective? A. The groom froze in place, wondering if he had made a substantial mistake. B. Handel wrote…some that the most famed works of classical music ever. C. World pushed and shoved to gain inside the save where the deals waited. D. Mr. Gutierrez created an equation on the board, and Amy elevated her hand.​
Read the sentences:It is claimed that in 1896, a male by the surname of Italo Marchiony created the ice cream cone in new York City. He was granted a pa…tent for this cup-shaped invention in 1903.Select the definition of the word patent as it is provided in the sentence.A federal government inspection the an creation to identify if the will market successfullyA reward for an invention developed by someone outside of the countryThe appropriate granted by a society committee to open a save to market an inventionThe right granted through the government to one inventor to do or sell a product
To measure up the difficulty of the scientific research experiment, Dr. Kitts and also Dr. Hughes had to watch over every the factors that would affect it. They want to fi…gure out what chemicals comprised the recent plastic. To command the experiment, they had to make sure that each piece of the equipment can withstand the activity that to be going to happen. In addition, Dr. Kitts checked if they had sufficient of the material to get all of the information crucial from it. After every one of this, Dr. Kitts and Dr. Hughes determined that lock were lastly prepared because that the rigors the the experiment.Based on the context of the passage, what is the meaning of the word measure?A.assess the quality of somethingB.adjust something for effectC.be a particular size or lengthD.control with cautious restraint
First this walk relate to institution workdoes anybody recognize how many words space in a 2 minute speech since i should write one
Hayden and also Henry Holbrook to be twins. People often think that identical twins are the same in every way, but this couldn't be more from the fact w…hen it concerned Hayden and also Henry. The boys were exact opposites. Sure, they both had the very same mane the golden, floppy curls, the same piercing, blue eyes, and also the very same cheeky smile, yet that was wherein the similarities ended.Hayden to be the brainy one; he was a walking encyclopedia. His main locations of specialization included computer coding, dinosaurs, and British folktales (Robin Hood was his favorite), but in general, that knew a lot around a lot of things. Hayden always had his nose in a book and also loved to watch documentaries on the TV. He was painfully shy and also hated being outdoors in nature. Henry, on the other hand, desired joke books to many information ones. The was always clowning around and also making others laugh. Henry had a genuine heart of gold and also was always willing to assist others. He also loved sports and was a champion swimmer.Using the excerpt, select the character traits the are comparable between Henry and Hayden.They space both confident.They are both ache shy.They both have many interests.They both favor joke books.

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