After a long morning of Black Friday shopping, it"s time to settle in for Capital One"s The Match, the much anticipated, head-to-head showdown between golfing legends Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. 

Below, we"ll break down all the information about the matchup, from how to watch the spectacle to the format for the event.

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Event Information

When: Friday, Nov. 23 at 3 p.m. ET

Where: Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas, NV

Watch: B/R Live, DirectTV, AT&T U-verse and other pay-per-view options

Cost: $19.99.

Format: Match play. Unlike stroke play, where the overall score is tallied, match play only tallies the number of holes a player wins. So for example, if Mickelson has a better score on the first hole, he"ll lead the match 1-0, but if Woods has the better score on the second hole the match will be knotted at 1-1.

Prize: A winner-take-all, $9 million purse. Woods and Mickelson will also make side bets throughout the contest, with those winnings going to a charity chosen by the players.

Odds: Woods (1-2) is the favorite and Mickelson (17-10) the underdog.


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It"s probably a stretch to suggest Woods and Mickelson have always been peers—in his prime, Woods had no peer—but they"ve been two of the game"s top stars and most marketable personalities throughout their careers.

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Phenoms. Champions. Legends. Rivals. #TigervsPhil

Even Mickelson has been willing to recognize Woods" impact on the game, albeit in a tongue-in-cheek way.

"Tiger"s grown the game and I"ve benefited more than anyone," he said during the HBO"s 24/7 (h/t "If I were to lose this $9 million—which I won"t, but if I were to lose—I would almost feel I owed it to him and we would both be winners in this situation."


"I knew it would bother
PhilMickelson explains how a chance encounter with quarterback
TonyRomo helped him gain a mental edge against his rival. 24/7 The Match: #TigervsPhil premieres tonight at 10PM.

Hopefully, that sort of banter will continue in the matchup itself. It"s certainly one of the selling points, as will be the side bets throughout the event.

Tiger Woods

The full episode of 24/7 The Match Tiger vs Phil is on tonight at 10pm on
HBO. Getting ready for next week.

Those added layers to the matchup itself is enough to get some of the pair"s fellow golfers excited to watch.

"I"m sure that myself and our friends will be watching it," Jordan Spieth said in late October, per Pat Ralph of "There is certainly an interest from us, yeah, especially knowing the both of them. Having them miked up and knowing them personally it"ll be kind of extra special."

Of course, Capital One"s The Match isn"t for everyone.

"Look, if they had done it 15 years ago it would have been great," Rory McIlroy told reporters last week, per Ralph. "But nowadays, it"s missed the mark a little bit."

Justin Thomas concurred, saying in a since-deleted tweet in October that there was a "zero percent chance" he would tune in, instead saying he planned on watching football. 

For those intrigued, however, it should be a fascinating event.

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