Tim McGraw's "Diamond Rings and Old Bar Stools" lyrics have actually returned the country superstar to the kind of story song that he does best.

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The 47-year-old singer has wandered around stylistically quite a little in his career, the majority of recently keeping pace via the changes in the modern radio marketlocation through singles choose "Southern Girl" and "Lookin' for That Girl." But through "At the same time Back at Mama's," he came house to basic, honest-to-goodness song-based nation, and also "Diamond Rings and Old Barstools' continues in that vein, conveying a classic nation tale of star-crossed love via a few easy chords and also an uncluttered, evocative melody.

It nearly didn't take place that means. Songwriter Barry Dean tells Taste of Country that once he got in addition to Luke Laird and Jonathan Singleton for a co-creating session, they spent the entire morning functioning on one more, even more commercial song.

"We're all friends, and I write via both of those males, but we'd never before created the 3 of us together," he claims of penning McGraw's "Diamond Rings and Old Barstools" lyrics. "We functioned on an additional song till around 3:20 in the afternoon. So we had spent most of our day functioning on this various other song. We had actually a verse and we had actually a chorus, and it was what I would certainly call a right down the middle song; a modern nation song. Very little western in the country, entirety lot of ... it was actual flashy. Similar to you'd imagine."

"You could tell we kinda all lost what we were doing," Dean claims. "I think if you're a actual songwriter, if you believe in it on some level, if you don't have actually some link to a song, inevitably you'll simply speak composing. The writer part of you will certainly simply speak working, and also you'll simply go, 'I don't know what perform to in the second verse. I don't know what to execute in the bridge.' It's not writer's block, it's simply fact serum."

Laird and also Dean dropped earlier on jamming out some various musical ideas for fun, simply to lighten the mood. "Luke simply starts playing guitar, and also he goes, 'Diamond rings and old barstools ...,'" Dean recalls. "It was not a title he had created down, it was something that was just floating in the air."

The trio easily switched gears and dove into the new concept, which swiftly emerged into a song. They hit upon the gadget of making use of things that don't mix as an allegory for a connection that just isn't supposed to occupational out.

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The "Diamond Rings and also Old Barstools" lyrics provide on that idea: "It ain't favor midnight and cigarette smoke / It ain't favor watered down whiskey and coke / I guess some things simply don't mix prefer you hoped / Like me and you / And diamond rings and also old barstools."

"We had actually the initially verse and also the chorus in around 10 minutes," Dean claims. "By then, Jon was simply locked in — he kinda had actually that second verse in his heart. It just occurred. It was choose it just wanted to take place, simply that moment. It was favor we had actually been wanting to create it forever. Within 40 minutes, we had created it and done the occupational tape."

They tried at miscellaneous points to commercialize the song by including a modern bridge and some other sections, yet quickly realized that it just didn't lend itself to that technique. After they finiburned the song, the authors actually went earlier to work-related on their first concept, which they felt was even more likely to gain reduced in the present Nashville setting. But the standout from the session turned out to be "Diamonds Rings and Old Barsdevices," which Dean claims is all around pure songcraft.

"That song is not developed prefer a fireworks display or a rock concert," he points out. "It's developed favor a nation song. I don't know if it's a simple song for someone to hear and also say, 'Yes, that's what I want to perform and also that's what I want to put on the radio,' which states a lot about Tim McGraw to me — that he can hear it and love it and do something via it. It might be one of his best gifts; as a whole, his song selection is simply unactual. And to be a component of that in any way, honestly, it's a large deal as a writer."

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