Upper Darby Performing Arts center Director bother Dietzler, center, met with Tina Fey, left, on Wednesday. Dietzler functioned with Fey to organize a distinct screening of “Mean Girls” in ~ the center in 2014.

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This collage come from the upper Darby college District's facebook page.

UPPER DARBY >> It’s no every work students and also staff at top Darby High School get a surprise visit from comedian Tina Fey, among their most renowned alumnus, yet Wednesday was an exception.

The Emmy Award-winner went back to her alma mater to shoot a promotional video clip for “Mean Girls: The Musical,” the brand-new Broadway show based on her cult standard 2004 movie “Mean Girls” which was adapted for the rialto. The present has a top 12 Tony nominations, including a best Book that a musical nomination because that Fey, going into the June 10 ceremony.

Although Fey has said that top Darby wasn’t the single basis for “Mean Girls,” she claimed there were part royal influences put into the film.

District spokeswoman Dana Spino stated Fey was with a girlfriend to shoot a reflective video clip reminiscing around their time at the high school.

Spino stated the shoot it is long for about four hours during the college day as they went to the Performing arts Center, the cafeteria, to walk in on a class and a superintendent’s meeting, and simply “just go the halls.” Fey met through students who had actually seen “Mean Girls: The Musical” as component of their choir trip to brand-new York City this year and was audience to an impromptu performance by the school’s Encore Singers.

Fey likewise met through two influential members that the school’s an innovative arts scene, Barbara Benglian and also Harry Dietzler.

The visit to upper Darby was her most noted appearances due to the fact that she organized a special screening of “Mean Girls” at the Performing Arts center in 2014. Fans took to Twitter to talk about Wednesday’s visit.

“Have currently met Tina Fey twice at U.D,. Sang for her today,” wrote a graduating an elderly named Ky. “We’re basically finest friends now. Next a hoagie day at Wawa.”

A current alumnus appreciated the Fey comes ago to she old stomatic ground.

“The truth that Tina Fey still visits upper Darby HS is the finest thing ever,” wrote Twitter user

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Fey is a 1988 graduate of upper Darby. Her career has flourished and she’s one of the most-honored woman comedians of all time. She has been nominated for 42 Emmy awards for miscellaneous programs in her countless capacities together an actress, writer and also producer, earning 6 trophies because that her show “30 Rock” and also three an ext for she guest-starring functions on “Saturday Night Live.” She also earned a Grammy nomination for the spoken word record of her autobiography “Bossypants.”

“Mean Girls: The Musical” is Fey’s very first attempt in producing a Broadway show and it reaped her her first Tony nomination.